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2001 Suzuki Quadrunner high idle/backfire when shut down


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Newbie here! I recently bought my first ATV - an 01 Quadrunner 500 4x4, semi-auto, shaft driven. I love it...came with a plow/winch setup and all. Low miles, only 1250.

Problem is that after riding it for a short time (even 5-10 mins) and shifting down into neutral, the engine revs up to almost scary rpms. It doesnt die down until I shift in and out of 1st a couple times. Then when I go to shut it down, it lets off an incredible backfire. Am I doing something wrong or does this point to an issue someone is familiar with. Ive run through a tank of fuel, added stabilizer...but to no avail.

(I read through several threads and never found one similar to mine.)


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Welcome to QUADCRAZY and Congrats on your first ATV!

Sounds like you are getting too much fuel and backpressure is building. Have you adjusted anything on the carb, like the idle screw? How does it start cold, does the choke work and does it idle well?

* Added manufacturer to thread title.

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Hi, thank you for a response. The quad starts right up when cold with the choke set about half way. I release the choke back to the off position after about 2-3 minutes and she idles just fine. I can leave it idling like that for quite a while with no issues.

I have not adjusted the idling screw on the carb, what would be the best way of getting at it? And do I turn in a clock-wise or counter clock-wise manner? Thank you!

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