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Dave got new paws on his new Sportsman 850XP EPS so we HAD to take it out this morning for it's first real trip. It was about as nice of a spring morning as they come so we decided to attempt the summit of Chase mnt.

Great looking quad!!


One happy camper...can you blame him?


Those Bajacross tires are sick!


Part way up I had to stop and take a few shots. Spring time makes for some good photo ops. Looking back at Topsie where we started.


It wasn't long until we found show. It was SOFT and deep in the drifts.



First trip out and first time stuck, thats what you get for letting a PoPo try to break trail. We need to install the winch.....Grizz to the rescue.


That XP can throw some snow

Enough playing around...follow me.

We made it to the summit.


Great views all around.





Dave texting his wife telling how cool his new ride is.


Great views on the way back down.


Good times.


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      We would like to wish everyone a Fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!


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      Anyone know what the fuse terminal marked UNSWITCH  does  .  Even with the key off it is causing a drain on my battery and I'm trying to figure out  what that terminal goes to.  It's a 10 amp fuse. If I pull it the "short" goes away.  Thanks in advance.
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    • By ACLakey
      My buddy and I decided to make the easy ride to the summit of Pelican Butte. The majority of the trails are flat graded roads but it is an impressive 3800' verticle climb to the summit.
      Ready to go!

      Several creek crossings on the way.

      Still a little snow on the way up

      The cinder in the soil causes the snow to look blood red this time of year.

      Great views from the +8000' summit

      On the way down we took a trail that has a little mud where we found two guys on sport quads having a tough time. My tire fell into a very deep rut and caused me to slowly roll over and crawl around in the mud.

    • By ACLakey
      A small group of us decided to brave the temperatures in the teens and go for a snow ride.

      Only the third trip out on the new quad....need to break it in right.

      The group shot.

      The views did not disappoint

      We went up the mountain until the snow just got too deep to continue and headed down. Dave busting trail for a while, the Polaris 850 Snow Machine.
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT3SYc5L97o]YouTube - ‪100 2226‬‏[/ame]
      The Can-Am Renegade 800 with the ATR radials performed very well in the snow.

      On a short steep hill we did a little tire comparison. Polaris 850 stock tires.
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnnAeVt-Jqc]YouTube - ‪100 2221‬‏[/ame]
      Same rider 850XP with ITP Bajacross tires....big difference.
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIqSR-6zwJQ]YouTube - ‪100 2223‬‏[/ame]
      Usually my ITP MudLites prove very effective in the snow but he was able to run circles around us with those tires. The Mudlites do well but when you loose momentum you dig, the Bajacross kept him moving forward.
      It was a great trip, good powder, good friends and great views.

    • By ACLakey
      My buddy and I decided to make an early morning ride. We hit Stukel Mnt just south of town and made our way to the summit. It was cold up there, you could see your breath but the views are as great as ever.

      Looking North toward town. It was neat to be at eye level with the clouds above the basin.

      Making our way down we picked up a few geocaches.
      Great site

      Another cache site, great spot

      High desert oasis

      On the way back we had to test the waters in a hole.
      Dave testing the waters.

      Me crossing

      Off camera I went a little deeper and picked up some salad.

      Great stuff.
      We got a few other shots looking North toward town on the way back.

      A great ride as always, looking forward to the next one.

    • By ACLakey
      It was cold and snowing but we decided to take a ride today.....typical end of may weather, snow and sunshine. ;D We had an experienced group so we did not stop very often for pictures.
      We had to stop and shed some layers.

      Half way up we made another stop. It was pretty neat to see the snow line from last night in the trees behind us.

      Yes it is still cold.

      Looks like a good place to stop for lunch. The fire felt great!!

      We took a rocky trail to the top that we haven't been on in a few years....it was defiantly fun and awarded us with a partially blocked view due to the weather.

      It looks like they logged this area of the trail recently.

      We had a great trip, we rode a hard 30mi in everything from sun to snow.

      I am ready for the next one.
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