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  1. You can find them for around $250. Here is a short video review on the camera. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv5Y8rYfg7Y]YouTube - ‪Pentax Optio W90 Digital Camera‬‏[/ame] I have been nothing but impressed with them.
  2. I would recommend the Pentax Optio W90 to anybody looking for a rugged, water proof, dust proof camera that takes great pictures and HD Video. They are outstanding for the money and tough as nails. The Kodak is a great camera but is not as durable as the Optio. My buddy actually dropped his in the river while shooting a video and was able to catch it several hundred feet down stream. It made for some great video the camera is still working great to this day.
  3. It is a point and shoot Kodak Z950. The scenery makes taking cool pictures easy.
  4. My buddy and I made a quick morning ride to the top of Stukel Mountain. We unloaded about 10min from the house and headed up the hill. This place has a great mix of everything from high desert, big hill climbs, grassy meadows and great views. Starting up, looking North toward Hogback and town. To the North East Near the very top I almost ran over a grouse and saw a lone doe near the top...she must have been lost. A view to the North looking over Klamath Falls and the southern end of Klamath Lake. Looking South to Mnt Shasta We were above the clouds and once in a while one would blow by. I took some video and tried to pan around to show what great views are on top. They don't do it justice. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3K_bPKKpnI]YouTube - ‪100 2414‬‏[/ame] The clouds cleared a little so I took some more video from the East to North. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWLYb_OdW9s]YouTube - ‪100 2421‬‏[/ame] A pair of bad motor scooters!! We went over a ridge to the East and checked out a few meadows. A small lake All in all it was a great ride!
  5. We took a group of riders back to Bryant Mountain today. It was a cold and snowy day....typical end of May weather. ;D The views are great all around this place. We made a quick stop and took a few pictures. We made our way around close to 10 lakes and stopped at a few to take in the sights. Don with the brightest coat on the planet so we don't loose him this trip. We made our way by some springs that led to a lake so someone had to play in the water. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWRFeyGxlo0]YouTube - ‪100_2391.MOV‬‏[/ame] More of the group We made our way back to a little lake for lunch. This spot is great and a few of the guys found some Morels near by. Lunch by the camp fire...it doesn't get any better. We headed up the ridge to a great vantage point but had to play a little in the snow. It is getting very soft!! The Canned Ham Renegade X tearing it up. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUYRejk-1NI]YouTube - ‪100_2401.MOV‬‏[/ame] Oops...someone found some deep stuff. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPBZJzPf-Mo]YouTube - ‪100_2402.MOV‬‏[/ame] The Renegade tearing it up again. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6o3F1as0Zc]YouTube - ‪100_2404.MOV‬‏[/ame] That is one fun machine, instant horse power! We made our way to the vantage point. On the way out, the snow hit and we took shelter under a big pine for a while. It was cold with snow from time to time but all in all it was a great ride.
  6. I am thinking very seriously about either a Sportsman Touring or Can-Am Outlander Max. I had a touring on order but things fell through. Anybody have first hand experience with both? What are your thoughts and comments? Any useful information will be appreciated.
  7. Well, a buddy of mine and I decided to go for a ride on Bryant Mountain. Neither of us have been up there in 20 or so years so it would be an exploratory ride looking for a route to take a larger group. Dad was gracious enough to let me ride his Polaris 550XP for the day. I must say, I really like this quad! The Views all around the mountain are outstanding. The views near the truck arn't half bad. Now, I had forgotten just how many small lakes are in this area. We passed around 10 different lakes and I quit taking pictures after the first half dozen or so. Some old corrals MANY lakes We continued on to the East side of the mountain and found some great views. We were only able to get about 2/3 of the way to the top due to posted property. The views did not suck. On the way back down we did a little drift busting....and winching. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9Gbf_nkd4c]YouTube - ‪100_2332.MOV‬‏[/ame] This stuff was getting pretty darn soft [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WA1crg_WRo]YouTube - ‪100_2333.MOV‬‏[/ame] The 550 getting it done. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9eR-Tf0CCI]YouTube - ‪100_2334.MOV‬‏[/ame] Mike with some custom wheel inserts More lakes We decided to stop at Sims Lake for a little lunch. On the way back around the mountain we came across a very cool spring that came out from under some boulders. Mike putting the fun of a little mud in the air. We made a quick side trip to check out some views. All in all it was an outstanding ride and a great time.
  8. That is one of my favorite rides.
  9. I added 1" spacers all the way around on my 07 Grizzly 700. It was the single best thing I did on that machine. Handling and stability were greatly improved. I put over 2300 hard miles on that machine, 2000 with spacers and never had an issue. If I bought another Grizz it would be the first thing I put on the machine.
  10. My buddy just purchased a brand spanking new Polaris 850 with power steering and we HAD to take it out and break it in right. We made a quick ride part way up the mountain before we set out on a trek. This quad is what an ATV should be...very nice in all aspects. A nice trail with loose softball sized rocks to make things slick We stopped part way up the mountain to take in the sceenry. It was a quick loop to break the Polaris dream machine in and we headded back. The next morning we meet up with some guys looking to have a fun ride. We decided to make our way down into part of the river canyon for a lunch break. Great sceenry. Boys and their new toys A nice place to stop Up to the lookout we went, It is a nice 2400' verticle climb. A quick shot from the top while the others were catching up. Good times all around. Here was the route and profile.
  11. My buddy and I decided to make the easy ride to the summit of Pelican Butte. The majority of the trails are flat graded roads but it is an impressive 3800' verticle climb to the summit. Ready to go! Several creek crossings on the way. Still a little snow on the way up The cinder in the soil causes the snow to look blood red this time of year. Great views from the +8000' summit On the way down we took a trail that has a little mud where we found two guys on sport quads having a tough time. My tire fell into a very deep rut and caused me to slowly roll over and crawl around in the mud.
  12. We went with a desent sized groop this morning and made a scenic 30mi loop. No exciting crashes or rollovers this time, just some ATVers enjoying some great trails before the Forest disService shuts us out of the land. The mountain on the far right was the one we rode to the top of last weekend. Great views of Klamath Lake. Looking back tword town about two ridges away. A good group and a good place for a lunch break. The locals enjoying our leftovers. A good place to stop. More views from the trail. Things starting to get a little dusty. All in all it was a great tirp.
  13. A very good friend of mine who lives 100mi away and has been working another 100mi further away called and wanted to ride his quad. I quickly got on the phone and we put together the dust bowl ride to the Chase mnt lookout. Getting ready. With the thunder storms at night there were quite a few lightning fires around, a lot of the smoke was coming in from No. California. Dave and his bike. He had a hard time in the beginning but was very comfortable by days end. The tower There was a guy manning the tower that day so he invited us up to look around. Smoke all around Shasta in the background above the smoke We had one minor mishap on the trip. Super Don lost his transmission so we headed back to help him load up. After the load up a few of us ran over to a play area we call the moon. It is very soft and flowery in the summer and EXTREMELY slimy in the winter, not to mention it is steep all around. It is very technical and I will have to get better pictures of it sometime. Jackonager learning to use his diff lock. He is new but learning fast. We had a great BBQ at a buddies house after words....mmmmm Tritip.... Later that night we were treated to a great sunset. Great ride and even better friends.
  14. My buddy decided he HAD to have new Can-Am Renegade X so we needed to get out and break it in. Don afraid to get it dirty. He is not the most experienced rider and we could not talk him into a smaller quad so we came prepared. What a great place to unload and head up the creek. Steve with his happy face. We made our way through a cinder pit and the boys had to climb it. Dad refusing to be cold. Up the creek we found a little snow, some of the roads and trails we have used in the past were blocked off so we made our way the long way around. Here is one of my favorite places to camp and fish, seems like a good place for lunch. What a crew! About to get whacked with a stick for throwing snowballs We had a great ride back down the other side of the creek and messed around in a play area. Don getting over the new quad feel and decides to get a little dirty. He soon realizes being wet is cold. All in all it was a great ride. It is amazing how little snow is here in January.
  15. We pulled together a quick ride and decided that an canyon ride was long overdue. A quick shot of our favorite parking area, we still don't have any shown...scary. One of our buddies is trying to decide on what quad he wants so I brought Dad's Polaris 550 XP along so he could get some seat time on it and my Grizzly. Looks like a good place for lunch. We stopped at a great vista point a little farther down the canyon. Someone needs a nap after a long nite....new girl friends can wear Nanook of the North out. The B-day cound not blow out his candle. A great 28mi of God's country This stuff never gets old.
  16. We took some kids out for a quick 10mi loop and I brought along my daughters Scrambler to break some trail for us. The kids had a blast. Group Shot. The little Scrambler did pretty good until the snow warmed up, it took them a little bit to figure out when to gas it and when not to. Needing a little help. Motoring along. His first quad ride...I think he likes it. We stopped for lunch at a neat spot along the creek. Trinity Island. Stay out of the water. oh never mind. The little wheeler has over 300mi on it now. I think it has earned it's keep. Good times.
  17. We made a trip into a different part of the Klamath River canyon then hit some trails up a near by mountain. I tried to create a video but I am having trouble with the software, anyways here are some pics and video. A good place to stop A fun trail Good times [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n30GEnfnBS4&feature=autofb]YouTube - ‪02-13-10 Ride.flv‬‏[/ame]
  18. Great country. A fun filled 45mi
  19. A great trail Good views Then we found the snow and it was sssooofffttt..the work began. Frankinrincon that poor thing just needs to be put down! oops We made our way back to a main road and to lower elevations when we came accross this nimrod. we got him turned around and pointed down hill, flat tire and all. After saving the Darwin canidate we went to a great vista point. Watch your step.
  20. We had a decent sized group today for a ride in some great country. Getting started, just above the truck. This area is easy on the eyes. We decided to stay low on the ridges due to the snow in the area. Here is an old homestead. We took a break at an old rail tressel. group shot. Over another ridge, another great area with an old homestead. a good place for lunch
  21. We took a decent sized group back into the same area we went a few weeks ago. There is just alot to see in those parts and it does not get old. Below is a quick recap of the trip. Group shot, some first timers in the group. Unloading I finally got a picture of my buddy on "Goldmember" We stopped at the old homestead again. A nice little creek near by. We went back to the tressel. I really like this camera, the zoom rocks! Her first ride....looks like a trip to the dealer on the way home is in order. Another old homestead and a lunch break. Following the PoPo train back to the trucks. It started out cold, but turned out to be a great day, this stuff never gets old.
  22. Dave got new paws on his new Sportsman 850XP EPS so we HAD to take it out this morning for it's first real trip. It was about as nice of a spring morning as they come so we decided to attempt the summit of Chase mnt. Great looking quad!! One happy camper...can you blame him? Those Bajacross tires are sick! Part way up I had to stop and take a few shots. Spring time makes for some good photo ops. Looking back at Topsie where we started. It wasn't long until we found show. It was SOFT and deep in the drifts. First trip out and first time stuck, thats what you get for letting a PoPo try to break trail. We need to install the winch.....Grizz to the rescue. That XP can throw some snow Enough playing around...follow me. We made it to the summit. Great views all around. Dave texting his wife telling how cool his new ride is. Great views on the way back down. Good times.
  23. It was cold and snowing but we decided to take a ride today.....typical end of may weather, snow and sunshine. ;D We had an experienced group so we did not stop very often for pictures. We had to stop and shed some layers. Half way up we made another stop. It was pretty neat to see the snow line from last night in the trees behind us. Yes it is still cold. Looks like a good place to stop for lunch. The fire felt great!! We took a rocky trail to the top that we haven't been on in a few years....it was defiantly fun and awarded us with a partially blocked view due to the weather. It looks like they logged this area of the trail recently. We had a great trip, we rode a hard 30mi in everything from sun to snow. I am ready for the next one.
  24. My buddy and I decided to make an early morning ride. We hit Stukel Mnt just south of town and made our way to the summit. It was cold up there, you could see your breath but the views are as great as ever. Looking North toward town. It was neat to be at eye level with the clouds above the basin. Making our way down we picked up a few geocaches. Great site Another cache site, great spot High desert oasis On the way back we had to test the waters in a hole. Dave testing the waters. Me crossing Off camera I went a little deeper and picked up some salad. Great stuff. We got a few other shots looking North toward town on the way back. A great ride as always, looking forward to the next one.

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