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2003 Yamaha Blaster; No idle and pouring out smoke


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I bought a 2003 blaster off a friend knowing it needed work at first it wasnt idleing and reving out of control so we figured there was an air leak, we put a new gasket on the base of the cylinder and the head, but now it wont idle and is pouring out blue smoke. Ive messed around with the idle ajustment on the TORS system but it still wont idle, we also found that most of the wires are cut would that have any thing to do with the idle?

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If it is blue smoke then you r burning oil or to much of it. also. your plug could be fouling. is that think oil injection or mixed. i am pretty sure it is a 2 stroke is it not. also if your reeds ar damaged that will cause the same issue. you can change the plug and drain out the tank and put clean fuel in it. if it is oil injection then clean the oil system and reset the mixure rate.

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If you started getting the smoke after putting oil in the tranny, then you either have a leak in the case center gasket between the tranny and the crankcase, or you have leaky crank seals. Leaky crank bearing seals could also be where you were sucking in air. When you put oil in the tranny, the crankcase started sucking in oil that side instead of air. The crank seals can be changed without splitting the cases, but if the bearings are bad, the case halves need to be separated. Google 2 stroke leak down test. This is an important test to do on 2 stroke engines. For one, the performance of the engine is dependant on alternating pressure/vacuum in the crankcase. Secondly, a leak in the motor will allow the motor to suck in extra air and cause the motor to run lean, this can destroy a motor quickly. The cut wires are probably someones half assed attempt to override the TORS system. You might want to look into a proper TORS elimination kit.

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