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1987 Kawasaki Bayou 300 Problem


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I don't feel I can help. But a few things for others who might be able too. Is the air filter clean, fuel filter, good gas, how does the spark plug look. Is it popping back thru the carb or backfiring out the exhuast. hard to start or easy to start any flooding. Has it been sitting up for awhile with old gas in it if yes have the carbs been cleaned.

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Hi again, No poping back through the carb. The gas is good, I have been riding it all along. It just started acting up when I started it last week. I ride it about twice a week, sometimes more. It starts great, it idles great, it runs great up to about one third throttle. As soon as I hit one third throttle it quits and I have to let off and it runs great again. It does not matter if I go up slow with the throttle or fast. When it gets to that point it quits. As soon as I let off it runs great again.

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check your fuel lines too. My daughters two stroke 90 would die when u try to give it throttle the air fuel mixture was out of adjustment. It would idle and soon as you hit the throttle it act like it ran out of gas. if you were to have a small hole or crack in the fuel line it will effect fuel supply.The ethanol in gas can cause line damage on small engines. If you were to find this to be the trouble you can buy ethanol shield from a store like walmart. I run it in my quad & lawn equipment. I know ethanol is the cause for my chainsaw, weedeater & hedge trimmers the repair shop said ethanol was what damaged the fuel lines. I don't know if it effects fuel lines on quads I just use it to be safe.

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First thing I would do is put a new spark plug in it and take note of what the old one looks like. The condition of your plug can give you clues as to what your problem may be. I am leaning toward an ignition problem since the problem started suddenly and you haven't let the machine sit for a long period. But I still would not rule out a carb problem, you may have a clogged jet, or or a stuck float or something.

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O.K. Guys. I just got in the house from working on it. I took the carb. off and cleaned it. I also replaced the fuel line and filter. I put it back together and she runs like a champ again.

I don't know exactly what the problem was, but you guys sure had it narrowed down for me. thank you so much for the help. Fredz

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Great to hear you got it running again!! Now have some fun. Did you look at the plug and check it's condition. Sometimes with a fuel or carb problem it can effect the plug and there cheap to replace just for the peace of mind if your out on the trail. Just keep one handy if you need it.

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