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where O where is the cdi box

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    • By Dee Morris
      I bought my big bear in 2009, never had a bit of problem with it until last year. It quit starting but still would click when I tried to start it. I replaced the solenoid, the cdi module ( it was burned on one corner) and this year replaced the battery. I have all lights but still will not start and I do not have the clicking when I try to start it. Can anyone give me any ideas what to try next? I haven't had any luck finding videos about the 2008 Big Bear. I'm trying to avoid the expense of sending it to the shop. 
    • By Ajmboy
      For anyone looking for Yamaha Grizzly service manuals, please check the downloads section: Yamaha Grizzly Service & Repair Manuals
    • By Ajmboy
      View File Yamaha YT60L ATC Service Manual
      Yamaha YT60L ATC Service Manual
      Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 06/02/2020 Category Yamaha ATV  
    • By Ajmboy
      View File 2003-2004 Yamaha YZF450 Owners Service Manual
      2003-2004 Yamaha YZF450 Owners Service Manual 
      Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 06/02/2020 Category Yamaha ATV  
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    • By Ajmboy
      Ok, starting a new thread because there is a lot of new stuff out there. Thinking of getting a new soft ATV bag instead of the quadboss rear lounger trunk I have now. I used to have a soft bag on my king quad, but that was a while ago.
      Now I've got my grizzly and the box on the rear rack, which is nice.
      Please post if you are using a bag or box, what kind, and what you like about it. Thanks.
    • By Contractor22
      I saw in past threads or possibly from another ATV site when I Googled my shifter problem. I am in the NE Mountains and it gets cold. I have my 2012 Grizzly 700 in the garage and it is NOT heated. The cold weather here was about -5 to -15 F. When it got that cold my Grizzly 700 would not shift into any gear. Once it warmed up it did shift into gear(s) no problem. I saw this happen about 3 times already since I just got it about 3 weeks ago. I saw a thread in from the past saying to drain the shifter, that there is a hose with a plug? Where is this hose and plug exactly? How do I get to it? Again, like I said I am new all around (wet behind the ears) but I am a hands on guy. I really do not want to take things apart I don't have to. I really need specifics and/or a drawing. I don't think it is the adjustment as when it is not so cold say around 40 degrees F. It does not happen. Plus like I said once it warms up it is fine.
    • By Bimmerdog
      this is what I found......need to repack it and put back under the tree before the wife gets home:laugh:

      Shoei VFX-W Dissent
    • By jerod400ex
      if i rejet with an open airbox will there be a bigger power difference than if i just rejeted for the white bros....... is there somethin special i need before i can open my airbox and leave it like tht or no??
    • By PolarisRich
      I'm fairly new to atving and I'm going on a trip at the end of the month with a few seasoned veteran. I don't want to be "that guy" you know, the guy that doesn't bring any tools and has to rely on everyone else to help fix his bike.
      So my question to all you Quadcrazies is....
      What to you keep in your storage and tool boxes?
      What I have-
      -Basic hand tools (screw drivers, plyers, hammer)
      -Socket set
      -Rain Gear
      -Can of Ether
      -Water proof lighter
      -20 ft 6000lb tow rop (because I dont have a winch yet)
      So what else do I need?
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