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Darkwater Rd (I-81 trail)at RAC, St Clair

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I was invited to ride on the west side of St. Clair on Sunday from Markdb. We met up at the parking area at RAC. I had the best time and was able to keep up with Mark and his friend Dannys 4x4s (Grizzly and Brute Force) in the woods. I did find out that 400EXs where not made to ride slow as it tended to stall while going walking speed. The weakest link to my quad has to be the low rear swing arm. It got hung up a few times and once was hung up on the top of a hill climb. Thanks Danny for always having the towline within reach and pulling me out of trouble. We trail rode for about 4 1/2 hours and only stopped once to quickly eat and another for a piss stop. I am paying for it in my joints and back as my EX is not a soft ride.

For info on the trail area contact markdb on here. Its 100% better than Burma Rd.

Also we found the overpass! :laugh:

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This post brought back some memories. I haven't been to RAC in a while and Tower City (old name) in an even longer time. Now that you don't have to be at RAC in person I might grab a permit this year. The old school days at Tower City was a blast.

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Probably what its called. I call the trails I ride by the road I park on. Is there a waterfall, underpass or cave around there? We thought we found it but not sure.

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