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the project I need help on

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02 prairie 300 has a pull knob beside the idle adjustment knob. Any one know what it's for I'am unsure. The choke is on the handlebars . It's popping back thru the carb & backfiring out the exhuast. The seller said he had the carb cleaned and he put seafoam in the tank.

prairie 300 project 002.jpg

prairie 300 project 003.jpg

prairie 300 project 004.jpg

prairie 300 project 001.jpg





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When you pull it, it will turn the rear main muffler bearing.

I have never seen that before. My fathers 05 prairie doesnt have that

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I found out the knob it's a decompression cable I'm going to take the carb a part tomarrow. It's not mine ox a friend ask to to go with him too look at it. It seems to be in good shape rev. dosent work but if I get it running right it will be well worth the money. He got it for 500.00

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My friend that bought this one has Baja 3oo I know it from china. He said it runs good but the starter is bad and you have to roll it off I can get it for around 200.00 or cheaper because he's offering to pay me for working on the p 300.

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i would make shure to drain the oil from the trans to see if the reason rev. dosent work is that there are gears tore up and in the trans case ... i have a prairie 650 motor sitting in my garage that is that way ... and it has alot of broken gear pieces in the trans case ... they can cause more problems if they are left in there ...

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Thanks ck1999-400ex. My friend felt it was worth 5oo based on how it looks and it does run. I did let him know the trans could be a problem and cost would not be cheap to fix it. I'm just going to see if I can get the motor running without popping and backfiring. I'm not tearing into a trans or motor with this carpal tunnal the carb will be hard on me. It got new brake cables, battery, ITP mud lites I don't know what alls been done but I fell he could part it out for more than what he has in it.

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thats true ... but an easy way to see if there is alot of metal in the trans is to pull the reverse sensor and neutral sensor ... they have a magnet in them and will attract any extra metal shavings and pieces inside the trans case ....

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I'll check that out once we get it running good if we do! I cleaned the carb put it all back togather then fuel pourd out of the over flow in the bowl. I got it running it stopped leaking fuel but seems to be loading up I turn the fuel cock off and once the fuel level got lower it ran great till it run out of fuel. So tomarrow I'm putting in a new carb kit.

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