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Beltless Auto Transmission In Development

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I thought this was a good articles.

Beltless Auto Transmission In Development

Fallbrook Technologies Inc., a pioneering technology development company, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Aftermarket Technology Corp. (ATC) to develop a production design for a continuously variable planetary (CVP) drivetrain based on Fallbrook's breakthrough NuVinci technology. CVP applications are expected for ATVs and utility vehicles as well as other outdoor power equipment like lawn & garden tractors.

ATC is the world's largest independent drivetrain remanufacturer. It currently manufactures NuVinci drivetrains used in bicycles, electric scooters and other applications.

The NuVinci CVP uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission that tilt to vary the speed of the transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. The company claims NuVinci technology is the most practical, economical and universally adaptable continuously variable transmission (CVT) for human-powered and motor-powered vehicles and machines.

Advertisement Under terms of the agreement, Fallbrook will provide the engineering services necessary to develop a production NuVinci CVP for a wide range of segments and applications in the OPE market. ATC will then be responsible for manufacturing and marketing.

"The outdoor power equipment market has for years been looking for affordable, advanced transmission technology," said William Klehm III, president and CEO of Fallbrook. "Together with ATC, we're building a market-ready NuVinci drivetrain that will enable the design of a whole new generation of vehicles."

Currently, there are significant CVP implementation discussions underway with several major manufacturers in the OPE industry.

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Yeah the Honda quads have a beltless transmission also but with electronic shift.

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    • By dwo0100
      Took my wolvy for her first trail ride past weekend. Got home and cleaned all the mud and dirt off. Went to take a spin around the neighborhood and started having issues.
      When you are about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle the RPMs will sudden spike way up with little difference in power to the machine. Once you shift to the next gear it will increase power/rpm consistently then same thing happens and you get a sudden RPM spike. It also seems to recreate the problem if you are low in the gear and try to punch it...High rpm with no power increase. If you shift gears and gradually increase throttle she will increase power and RPMs consistently but if you shift and are more than 1/2 throttle it will increase power and RPMs fine until you get about 1/2 to 3/4 way through the gear then you get the same RPM spike...
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      Hi everyone, noob here!
      I am helping a buddy of mine with his newly acquired Eigner LT400. Here are the details:
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      PO started it up one day, put it into gear and heard a popping sound from engine/transmission. He had a mobile mechanic look at it and the mechanic told him he needed a whole new tranny.
      I do not know much about quads but I work on my own Dual Sport (KLR650) and offroad trucks.
      Here is what I have done so far:
      Starts up fine with electric starter and pull/manual starter.
      Neutral light comes on if I move shifter to neutral.
      Reverse light comes on if I move lever to R.
      If I change gears while its running nothing happens, it will not move if I apply some gas (either in L, H or R).
      With engine off I put tranny in 1st gear and try to move quad by pushing back and forth and I have resistance. If I put it into a higher gear I can move it back and forth with some resistance and can hear the gears crunch.
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      Ride safe,
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