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F.Y.I. You can order this through any local autopart store rather than buy the delaer oil.

All-Terrain-Vehicles place tough demands on a motor oil — demands that automotive oils are not designed to handle. Valvoline formulated ATV Oil to help you get the most from your ATV. It contains a proprietary blend of premium base oils and advanced additive technology for outstanding performance and corrosion protection. Next time you go off-road, don't depend on just any motor oil; take along Valvoline ATV Oil. - ATV 4-Stroke Motor Oil

Valvoline ATV Oil provides:

Extreme Condition Performance - Thermally stable formula maintains proper lubrication to protect engines under extreme conditions.

Wet Clutch Protection - Optimal frictional characteristics for high torque, smooth shifting and proper protection of the wet clutch.

Corrosion Resistance - Advanced additives help protect against water, deposits and other corrosive materials to keep engines clean.

Maximum Horsepower - Proper additive balance for maximum horsepower.

Minimal Wear - Increased anti-wear agents minimize wear from metal-to-metal contact.

Shear Stability - Shear stable viscosity improvers better resist oil film breakdown.

Part Number VV749

Size Quart

UPC 0-74130-00749-9


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