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Were on the Sand for Fathersday and you ALL MISSED IT:laugh:


Kasey on his 500R


Wild200X on his 250R


DunnerII on his 310R


Here is one you might like......Golf Cart:laugh:



Here is a little Slide show one of our members put together with some of the pictures he


2007 Oregon trip - PhotoShow Circle

Video from another member

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPe0Vf33HJM]YouTube - dirtdog at rampage 07[/ame]

Tons more pictures to Sift through....Ill keep posting them as soon as members that were there Post them:laugh:

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Awesome!! Those are some great pictures. DTExposures is that proffessional photographer you posted about a while ago, right? All wonderful pics. Some fantastic 3-wheeler pics and:

Here is one you might like......Golf Cart

Love it!!!

The video is great!

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Yes DTExposures.com is my Buddy and Founding Member of Sand Wizards Racing His Screen Name is SWRtoad but we just call him Toad:huh: I see he just put up Page on his Site with a little Run down of what went on with Two Photo Galleries so here is the link....

Trike Rampage 2007

I cant Wait to Ride with them all again,,,, Maybe Aug I will head back up there.....:eek: Then again in Sept.....Hell,,,,,I should just by a House with Dune Access:laugh: Anyway,,,,Hope you all enjoy what the West Side has to offer....NO MUD HERE!!!

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Get pix. Your killing me with the sand stuff. I so want to ride sand. I am hoping to get my bike put back together this week.

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