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2001 Yamaha 660 Raptor - HELP PLEASE!!

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Hello there i have an 01 raptor 660 and have had a lot of problems..Right now i have replaced my stator, my cdi box, my kill switch and so on.... I am trying to figure out when i try to start it, it will backfire loud as hell like a gun shot, it is pissing my neighbors off lol... I choke it it will pop (not loud though) turn the choke off and start to crank and some of the times it will just blast out the pipe it is a pain and sometimes it will start up great end of story... I have no problems when riding with it back firing or anything...just when i first start it if i ride more than a block or two its good to sit and wont backfire when starting if i go into the store or something....It has a jet kit that the previous owner put on it could that be it..Im debating on rebuilding and cleaning the carbs...Just someone get back to me need this fixed thank you for taking your time to reade!!!

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try spraying carb clean in the carb while it's running good and dump the gas if old and replace with some gas/carb cleaner additive. a new plug would be good too ...

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i have put a new plug in it and the gas is only a few days old i fill it up quite often and never let it sit..The backfiring is not a problem when riding just when cracnking over it is loud!!

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ok thank you i am wondering now should i buy stock jets and put back in it...i plan to get a pipe before the ice comes...when i put a pipe on it should i put this jet kit back in it?? Or should i just put stock in it with an aftermarket pipe..do i need a aftermarket jet kit with a aftermarket pipe

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No... Don't run aftermarket jetting with stock parts unless it's lean. Jet accordingly and also get a good FULL exhaust system, such a Sparks, Monster, or Barker. Makes sense to me- stock pipe = stock jetting... Aftermarket exhaust = aftermarket jetting...

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    • By kris660
      I have a 2002 grizzly 660. I just bought it last week. It had sat for about a year. I knew going in that I was going to have to spend some time in the carb.
      I took the carb apart and sprayed it with carb cleaner and blew it out with compressed air. I cleaned out the fuel tank, replaced the fuel line and new fuel filter. Filled with fresh fuel.
      Started it up and set the idle. I rode it for about 3 hours yesterday. Then it developed a miss. At idle it would go put put put miss put put put miss. If I didnt not add some choke then it would die. The miss wouldnt go away it would just idle it up fast enough for it not to die. It progressivly got worse. It also would have that same miss at slow speeds steady throttle. If you give it lots of throttle it runs great and the miss seems to go away. When it misses like that the exhaust makes a whistle sound also.
      Today I pulled the spark plug and replaced with a new one. It did not help. old plug looked good, but it was two heat ranges to hot from stock. Not for sure why that was in there.
      My first thoughts would be the pilot jet maybe. Pulled it out and its clean.
      Is it possible that some trash got in there with all new lines,filter,fuel and a clean tank.
      Thanks in advance guys, kinda stumped.
    • By Gunny
      I have a set of Grizzly 660 plastics (front & rear fenders & gas tank cover) that's taking up space.
      They are green in color & right now, they are covered in Camo Clad 3M camo material. It might not look the best up close, but it does protect the plastics.
      If anyone is interested in them, PM me ... I'll let'em go cheap but be advised, shipping can be costly ($125 give or take)(I paid $125 for a set I bought from a guy a long time ago) ... can photo's if you want to your personal e-mail, but ONLY if you're really interested, since they are kinda difficult to get to right now.
    • By google7
      Hey Guys
      I've got an 05 Grizzly 660 it's got a jet kit and k&n air filter installed it also had a hmf exhaust but i took it out cause it was just to loud it runs great untill it's under heavy load
      when it's under heavy load it sputters like the limiter kicks in
      if I hammer on all the brakes and then push on the throttle till it's full out then it starts to sputter going up hill and in mud
      it does it in HI and in LOW gear
      what could be the issue
      thanks in advance for your help
    • By Scott84
      Hey guys Im looking at buying a 2001 raptor 660 that has just had a new clutch, top end, tires, and it has a full fmf exhaust. This quad runs and drives but needs new plastics and seat cover. My main question is what is this quad worth, are the plastics from different years of the 660 interchangeable and what do I need to watch out for? Thanks in advance!!!

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