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  2. I have an 01 raptor 660 that has a issue i have herd that these are common i was screwing around and my 2nd gear went, i can still shift into it and it drives but it feels like its slipping and yo can hear it grinding so i rode it home and skiped 2nd gear and went to 3rd no issue in that gear or others but 2nd. Is it the forks or the gears i am going to rip into it but want to find out what i need for parts...somone please help!!!
  3. Get it at that pricwe its great i have a 01 and love it lots of power and runs pretty fast mine does 81 because ive built it up[a little bit..You can put a 15tooth sproket on it for 10$will keep the front end from coming up..Im 15 and 6'2 220 and its great, get weheel spacers for 60$ that spreads them out so its not so top heavy..There all around great! Check the vavels and loosen them up they tighing up quite often and run like shit but other wise there great..Alot of people say the tranny is bad but i beat mine and have never had a problem..Also the starter clutch goes out but there easy to fix for 150 buy your self! Good luck Go get it!!!
  4. it is highly unlikely that he forgot to put it on but there are idiots out there lol...The ticking would be the valves most likely depending how loud it is, i would probaly pull the head off and look that isnt alot of work but thats just me depends how you think about it
  5. Hello im looking to order a full system pipe for my raptor 660, im looking between a curtis sparks, and an hmf comp seires..I want a power gain but am looking manily to make it alot louder...Just some input would be great! What kind of jet kit will i need to get with the sparks and what for the hmf im in SD so not high elevation! Thank You!!!!
  6. already have better cables on it what battery would you recomend?
  7. Got it!!!, Didnt have enough compression made a leakdown tester and found out my intake valves were super tight...It has a hell of alot more compression now, But it doesnt want to crank like there isnt enough juice to do it, new starter? or better battery i have just a good old ace hard ware battery in it
  8. Hello I have a 01 raptor 660. was having problems withb it running like shit...so I through a new plug in it and noticedd there was a oil on it now it won't even fire up even push starting it...is it a cracked head, does it need rings, valeve guides..what is it I need some help before I start ordering parts thank you
  9. i got it running good now, i have the 145 and 95 in the left carb, and a 140 in the right carb...I got it running good until i grab 5th and try to go good then it wants to blubber and shit the needle is on the 2nd one where should i go???
  10. I have a raptor 660 with a carb kit i put in it, it is running like shit it will sputter and blubber and shit i had it running good until i would grab 5th and try to go and it would just wana lay down...Can some one tell me a good starting point on the settings for the main jet screws and the needles for each carb left and right...And which size het goes in what side..i have a 140,145, and a 95,..It has a slip on pipe, also has a K&N filter...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!
  11. hello im looking for an exhaust for my raptor 660 its an 01 i want to get a pipe for it that is loud and adds power thats noticeable just looking to get some help on pickin it out give me your recomondtions thanks!
  12. ok thank you i am wondering now should i buy stock jets and put back in it...i plan to get a pipe before the ice comes...when i put a pipe on it should i put this jet kit back in it?? Or should i just put stock in it with an aftermarket pipe..do i need a aftermarket jet kit with a aftermarket pipe
  13. i have put a new plug in it and the gas is only a few days old i fill it up quite often and never let it sit..The backfiring is not a problem when riding just when cracnking over it is loud!!
  14. yeah it should be able to be i havent had this problem with anything but yeah just pull it out and clean it up. I just replaced my with a ricky stator and it works great

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