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just wanted to tell all

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I bought a new carb for my 1997 Polaris Magnum 6x6 425 on ebay...its the same carb that you can buy from polaris dealer ship...i paid 135 on ebay and the dealer wants almost 500...just wanted people to no..Its the same name brand and everything to the tee

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That is an awesome deal. Ebay is a good source to find parts reasonably priced. It is pretty safe now too as long as you do your homework on the seller.

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Ebay is where I found my radiator for 114.00 + free shipping used a new 1 is around 500.00 thats just crazy! The dealerships charge way to much. Just like replacement bulbs for cars we pay almost 5 bucks for 2 thru the shop I work for I can get a pack of 10 bulbs for under 5 bucks. My friend took his sons quad to the dealer they charged almost 80 dollars an hour if I'm not wrong. We charge 40 an hour at the body shop and it's alot harder to fix body damage than it is to rebuild a carb from a atv.

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I hear you there..If i was just to rebuild it..it would of cost me more than the new carb itself..Just the float alone would of cost $80 bucks..

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      Hello all this looks like an awesome site, I need some help it looks like thier are alot of helpful members here I hope that at some point I can also retun the help to other members, Im from colchester ontario canada I ride a Hoda TRX400ex, My wife drives a Honda 250 trx and we have a 2005 predator polaris 90 for the grand kids to share we ride mostly in and around houlghton lake, ST.helens and hatfield mccoy trail system in WV, anyways Im sure im going to like it here thanks all in advance
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    • By AKMichael
      Hello All,
      I have a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 trying to get fixed up so my grandson can go out in the woods with me.
      We have owned it over 10 years.  It got harder to start, until it finally would not.  Replaced the carb.  Right afterwards, it started and ran nicely, but after turning it off, would not restart.  Tonight I used starting fluid and ran, then died.  Adjusted the idle up a little, used more starting fluid and ran great.  It idled about 15 minutes.  Turned it off, and restarted.  Ran it around the yard about 5 minutes.  Turned it off, and would not restart.
      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
      Thank you. 
    • By Sha35297
      So, I got this 07' Polaris Outlaw 90 in the shop to rebuild top end and transmission. Replaced all bearings and gears in the transmission. Replaced cylinder and piston with brand new parts. Put the engine back on the frame and fired it up. Started great, but had a taping sound in the lower crank case. pulled the flywheel cover off and found the flywheel was wobbling and hitting the stator. I then replaced the stator and flywheel with brand new parts. Timing is all set on the timing marks now, but when I turn it over it kicks back when it fires and ends up stripping the starter idler gear. I've replaced the starter gear once already and now have to replace it again. Is it possible that the timing marks on the flywheel are off or maybe this flywheel is not for this exact model? Thinking of advancing the timing to try it, but don't want to keep going through idler gears.
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      news A powerful trail machine ready to tackle the hardest adventures.
      Polaris unveiled the 2021 Sportsman 850 Trail Edition ATV with factory-equipped enhancements to tackle the roughest terrain. View the full article
    • By matw
      At a loss...
      Runs/starts great when jumped across solenoid. Solenoid has been replaced. Battery has been tested and is good. Doesnt start with start button but starter will engage when machine is running if button is pushed. Machine also is not charging.  Regulator has been replaced. Stator has been tested and passes all 3 phases voltage and open to ground all 3 phases.  Lights work great with machine running and battery disconnected. Starter solenoid relay has been replaced.
      Any help or suggestion much appreciated. I do not have a wiring diagram or manual which i probably should try and get.
    • By Budman
      After purchasing a lightly used 2018 570SP (300 miles on it) I noticed that the display was flashing on and off. I remember reading awhile back that this was a common problem on the 18 model. I can't remember what the fix is. It also turns over slow even though the battery is charged. Anybody know what the fix is on this issue?
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