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  2. ok ill check for leaks..its a new carb right out of the box
  3. mine is a 4 stroke..and there is nothing on the out side of it that i can see to adjust..there is a small screw on the underside of it that is counter sunk up n
  4. Just put a new carb on my 96 magnum 2 weeks ago and the thing isnt right.. .well when left n full choke it idles but when giving gas stalls...but when i take the seat off and put my hand somewhat over the intake snorkle i call it...n giving throttle it runs ok..after it warms up it will stay idleing and sounds good...but very doggie from 1/4 to full throttle....how do i adjust this? I took the top cover off and moved the needle valve washer down 2 notches but didnt help..Is ther a ait adjustment screw anywheres? about ready to sink it....
  5. yes about 1/3 throttle it seems like its starving for gas...i just bought the new carb...i do see a adjustment screw on the bottom side of the carb...it would be hard to adjust if that has anything to do with the air and gas....but was told under the top cover there is a needle valve that can be adjusted...right now i have the breather intake hole closed off a little just so it would run someway decent but i shouldnt have to do that..ideals fine though
  6. So if my carb is gettn to much air and not enough fuel ...can i adjust it by taking the diaphragm cover off and raise or lower the jet needle?
  7. ok i figured out the reverse thing....stupid on my part..i guess there is an override button for reverse lol..but need help on the other thing
  8. does anyone no what wires go where....on the steering on my polaris right beside my key switch there are some what i call dummy lights that tells when i nuetral ect..well there are a few wires unpluged and would like to plug them back in...but dont wanna plug them n the wrong place..can anyone help
  9. I bought a 1997 polaris 425 6x6 and the guy told me the carb was bad....so I bought a new one..easy to install but wont run good..Where the breather or filter hooks to the back of the card there is a black I call snorkel...well if i sqeeze it closed a little bit and rev it up it seems to run 90 % better but as soon as i let go so its gettn all there air it pops and spits..cant even drive it....so i put a tie rap around it so it says closed some and runs ok....but then if I put it n reverse and back up it back fires....ca1n anyone help me out here? im stupid when it comes to wheelers... I dont see any adjustment screws for your fuel or air...why isnt there any..Help
  10. I hear you there..If i was just to rebuild it..it would of cost me more than the new carb itself..Just the float alone would of cost $80 bucks..
  11. I bought a new carb for my 1997 Polaris Magnum 6x6 425 on ebay...its the same carb that you can buy from polaris dealer ship...i paid 135 on ebay and the dealer wants almost 500...just wanted people to no..Its the same name brand and everything to the tee
  12. thanks...also i dont need to choke it to start it..seeems strange to me...ans it ideal high and wont ideal down...so you think its carb issues?

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