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Any ideas for unusual accessories-Bought or home made


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Has any one seen or made or have an idea for an unusual accessorie , a radio mount or a gun mount other the the regular market stuff. Have you come up with any idea that you would care to share ?

Example: a local surveyor here mtd an old antenna on the front of his front carrier rack. It keeps the spider webs out of his face.

Another guy rigged up a light on a swivel that the base of screws into the rear view mirror mount on the left handle bar. He uses the light for things like fence repair at night or when he need a lite held on something around the farm.

Anybody want to share any other ideas ?

Or are you like me, I want a car radio or a scanner that will run off an Aux battery mtd some where on the ATV and charged when the ATV is running. Do not want to run it off the main battery. (ATV to heavy to push)

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Dream Car Giveaway

Thanks Swampcat,

Those are the kind of ideas I am talking about. Stuff that works and does what you have a need for. Your talking about the 2" rec-vr reminds me that I have a spare winch and I have plans to mount it on a plate to fit on that rec-vr. There are times when I could use that.

Using ammo cans is smart, they cant hardly be torn up !

Thanks again---- Tom

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I put LED strobe lights on mine for when I'm out plowing driveways. More of a fun thing to have but it does make me feel safer while plowing by the street & it legal for me to go from driveway to driveway. Just thought I'd share.

<embed src='http://www.quadcrazy.com/file/player/player.swf' height='360' width='499' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' flashvars="&bandwidth=8532&file=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.quadcrazy.com%2Fphpfoxvideoplaylist%2Fvideo_857&logo=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.quadcrazy.com%2Fimages%2Fqcwatermark.png&plugins=viral-2&stretching=fill&viral.functions=embed%2Cinfo%2Clink%2Crecommendations&viral.recommendations=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.quadcrazy.com%2Fyahoovideositemap&logo.file=http://www.quadcrazy.com/images/qcwatermark.png"/>

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Say Hey Mud Flap,

What a great safety tip ! Im sitting here thinking about how at this time of the year I run the 2 tenths up to the mail box on another lane. More then once I have failed to see someone either going to or from work. Thank the good Lord they saw me .

Are these lites readily available and was hooking them up any problem ?

Thanks much for the post,as I said a good safety thing . Tom

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2x22 LED Strobe Flashing Light Emergency Bright Yellow | eBay

Tom, When I started plowing I installed the strobes because I almost caused an accident @ the end of my driveway. Just the headlights & tail lights gave me ZERO side exposure to traffic. I found these LED strobes on ebay. Cheapy chinese set-up, but I re-soldered all the led heads and install was pretty easy. They are made by TypeR. I had to waterproof the wires going into the heads & I ran the wiring along my factory harness. It is quite easy if you understand simple wiring. The controllers are very small so it fit under my seat with no problem.

I don't know why the video i posted doesn't work....maybe one of the mods will know how to fix it. I'll see if I can find a link to them on ebay for yah.

The link I added is the same type I have. I bought 2 (4 x 22 Kits) and wired them all to one controller. Total of 8 heads. @ on each corner of the quad. If you click on my avtar & look on my videos there is one of the lights in action.

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Since space is limited on my 400ex, to carry some extra gas I mounted a MSR stove fuel can where the factory toolbox was. I never had the toolbox and carry extra tools in a hydration backpack. The gas can only holds 30oz but is enough to last a few hours of light throttle riding. Also the can was meant to hold stove fuel or white fuel for camping not regular gasoline but so far no leaks nor ruptures

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MudFlap, That is an impressive video. I can see both side of the equasion : w/O the stobes real the only thing one sees is the plow blade, With the strobes there is no doubt about how big and just where the vehicle (ATV) is that is doing the plowing. Thanks for the links everything worked well. Thanks once again for sharing. Tom

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That is a good idea that you are sharing. I dont ride far, mostly around the place hauling anything I can put on the KQ , but i can promise you that if I run out of fuel it will be at that Mail box 2 Tenths of a mile from the gas can each way. And yep it is up and down 2 small hills each way. Your Emer fuel appears to be mtd in a safe place and those straps should do the trick. Thank you for sharing the idea, lots of hunters could do well with this back-up system, Tom

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Still looking for ideas guys, anybody want to throw something in the mix ?

I am currently reading a copy of Great Shop ideas from the publishers of Farm Show. Man does it ever have a lot of ideas for the shop and special tools. Ya there is a fair amount of farm gear mentioned but in many cases that can be translated over to other items one may be working on. I tied one the other day; the tip was if you need a self locking nut and dont have one , use teflon thread tape as used on plumbing repairs/inst. It didn t appear to work on the first go, but then I took the nut back off and double wrapped the tape and it did the job. Saved a twenty mile trip to town and the hour and a half that would have taken.

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Hey Guys........I get a publication called Farm Show" , it has some good tips that are applicable to 4 whlrs.

Read one of how much stuff can be carried in a 7.62 (incorrect cal. ?) ammo box. Those things are virtually indestructable. One guy talked about carrying tools , rope. small can WD-40 & water.

Any body else have anything to share ?

Happy New Year


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