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Yes, Ole Farts can still have fun

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Yes, Ole Farts can still have fun

Went to Lakeview ATV park in Solon, Iowa over the weekend.

Had a blast but Monday clean up, not so much. Mud not a big deal but mud mixed with grass wrapped around every thing is a bitch. Should've probably hit a car wash on the way home. Had to remove the wheels to get her clean. I think Im done until next summer

Got stuck once winched it out went about 5' and was stuck again. Got some good video.

I think tomorrow I will see if I can't edit over 2 hrs into 15-20 minutes and put it up on youtube next few days

Wish I would have got a better still.


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Here is a

I uploaded to Youtube

Took a pretty hard hit about 12:45 mark. Machine went one way, wheels went the other.

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