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2013 Can Am Renegade - 2 2 4 On The Fly Or Not ??

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While riding a Renegade in 2 wheel drive, must you come to a stop to engage 4 wheel drive? Or can you switch back and forth between 2 and 4 wheel drive while riding like you can on a Polaris?


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i was always under the impression that it is alot less hard on an atv or vehicle to switch stopped or at a crawl. but new technology advertises shift on the fly ... i'm old school, i stop and shift. what does the owners manual recommend?

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I also thought you can switch on the fly, but it is better to stop and engage 4WD then proceed. What year us your ATV?

* Added manufacturer and issue to thread title.

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can-am recommends to switch at low speeds ..and with out the rear tires spinning in mud or loss of rear traction.. but i have seen it done at different speeds and while spinning the rears in mud ... but have heard noises that didnt sound good on there machines ... so i would say shift at your own risk at high speeds and durring rear traction loss ...

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