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MUST SELL - 2009 Artic Cat MudPro. Very Low Miles. Good Condition. $4,500!!!

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I have a 2009 Arctic Cat MudPro EFI 700 ATV, it is located in Battle Ground, WA - I bought this amazing 4 wheeler for $9000 ($9,500 after taxes) and only had about 6 months to ride it. I took it out about 20 times in those 6 months. I then moved away to another state to attend college. The ATV has been kept by a friend of mine and not ridden for the last two years. It has very low miles and hours on it. It is in better than fair condition, I loved it so much that I had kept planning to come get it and bring it to my new state but due to a busy schedule I decided that won't be possible in the near future. So instead of letting it sit without a home and someone to ride it, I decided to let it go for a very cheap price.

I am asking $4,500 firm. When pricing it I searched all around the internet and craigslist to see what others are selling theirs for, they were ranging from $6,000 to $9,000 I did not find any priced as low as what I am pricing at, feel free to search around for yourself to see what I mean.

My friend who is keeping it for me has the title. He is willing to show you and let you test drive the 4 wheeler.

If you are considering buying this amazing machine, hurry because at this price it is bound to go very very fast, it should be going home with you and you know it!

Any questions please reply here or PM me, thanks.




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