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Thanks for the Birthday wishes !

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Thank you guys who sent the Happy Birthday wishes! I spent the day with family & then looking on the web for a newer atv!

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Thank you guys who sent the Happy Birthday wishes! I spent the day with family & then looking on the web for a newer atv!

Nice !!:yes: What brand are U look for ?

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I checked out a polaris sportsman 550 2011 model with eps I don't like the brake setup and some reviews I seen wasn't too good they did a long term test on the 550 & 850 and both atv's had the same problems between 100 to 200 miles on the quads the ebs I think is what they called it (electronic brake system) to controll down hill speeds and in the test the system quit working on both quads. So now I'm not sure about the polaris quads. Now I'm back to looking at Kawasaki, Yamaha & Honda I like the quads with EPS & IRS with my back, neck & arm problems it would be easier on me. I had the chance to ride a 2013 grizzly 700 with EPS & IRS and it made a big difference!!! I will just have to see what I can find in my budget I don't know if I will be able too find a BF 750 or Grizzly 700 in my price range with eps so I might have to test ride the Polaris and see if I would be ok giving up horse power for comfort and hope it would be a reliable quad.

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      Mr adventure on the yellow Honda swamped 4 times that day, mostly because he had left a hose disconnected from his air box.
      The Polaris swamped twice with air box issues.
      My brother on the xr70r had no issues.
      My grizzly other than it being its last ride due to the smoking thing had no issues.
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      Just wanted to say thank you to all that sent me a happy birthday message.
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