Renegade 800 H.O. EFI

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Renegade 800 H.O. EFI


The Renegade is a new concept: blending radical performance with 4x4 all terrain ability, with no compromise.

Rotax 800 H.O. EFI V-Twin engine - the industry's most powerful

Visco-Lok 4x4 front differential with new calibration that engages front differential quicker

Strong, lightweight, Surrounding Spar Technology (SSTTM) frame

RS-Type double A-arm front suspension

RS-Type TTI rear suspension

Separate brakes

Fade resistant High Pressure Gas [HPG] shocks (with five-way preload adjustability)

Center-cast aluminum wheels with ITP‡ Holeshot‡ ATR Tires

Compact, digital multi-function gauge

Four projector beam headlamps (60W)

Full floorboards with kick-up footpegs

Convenient 1 gal. (3,7 L) storage compartment

CanAm - Renegade 800 H.O. EFI - BRP USA

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