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X-Tream Clean XTC is a new company based in Huntersville, NC that produces and markets specialty cleaning products specifically designed for the motocross and ATV markets. These products are made of the utmost quality and are very user friendly. We will have 6 core products that make up the X-Tream Clean XTC line of cleaning products. Of these 6 products 3 are currently available XTC MX / ATV Wash, XTC Mud Guard and XTC Foam Filter Cleaner. These products will allow you to spend more time riding and less time cleaning. X-Tream Clean XTC products are a no hassle, no rub, no arm power cleaners that take the burden of cleaning out of your hands and places it in XTC’s hands. All of our cleaning products can be used on any motocross bike or ATV parts. These products will NOT harm plastic, metal, rubber, aluminum or decals. Safe on all surfaces. All cleaning products are non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable and are biodegradable. For further detailed information on each of these products, and other products that are in testing stages, please visit our website at X-Tream Clean XTC.

We have safe secure online ordering ( PayPal ) and prompt shipping. If you have any concerns, comments or general questions please email me, [email protected] or call 704-236-4391.

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Just an update to our product list. First, we have reformulated our Foam Filter Cleaner to make it even better. It has more "punch" and can really cut through all the oils and grease and it's still a

non-flammable product, unlike many filter cleaners. We will be introducing a new product within the next month it's our Quick Hit Detail Spray. This is a easy quick way to shine things up. It can be used on rubber, plastic, metals and decals. Safe for use on all MX and ATV surfaces. It is easy to use and is a simple spray and wipe application that will bring back the luster and shine and make your machine look new again. Look for it soon at X-Tream Clean XTC.

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There are soooooo many Cleaning products out there right now it is Ridiculous:aargh: How in the World do we know which one to Buy....Which one is Better...Or know when its just as Good as using the Good ole OLD SCHOOL Laundry Soap and a Garden Hose:biglaugh:

How bout this xtreamclean.,....Send me a Sample of everything you Sell and I will put it to the test and Do a Product Review for you .....I have 7 machines....Just keep that in mind when Shipping it out....:cool:

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So Im Trying to Teach my Dog some new Tricks on Friday(My last Friday off for 6 months:aargh: ) just to show my wife I had been Productive for the Day....LMAO!!!!!

When all of the Sudden it sounded like the Fee Fie Foe Fum Guy pounding on my door!! I answered and was Shocked beyond Belief!!!!

XTREAME CLEAN Freakin Came Through!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit....I was Skeptical...Ive never had a company send me anything more than a Sticker for free....Hell,,,,John Deere wouldnt even give me a hat after I picked up my 130K Excavator!!!:no: But XTREAM CLEAN didnt Just Give up 1 8oz Bottle,,They Jacked the Shipment up to 4 32oz Bottles

Now,,,,,I immediately went out to the Garage to find my Dirtiest Victim...I found that I only had one that had a light Patina of Dust. So being a Man on a Mission....Sat. I went out and Bought another 3 wheeler that I could put all this stuff to the test on....Thats Right....I Dropped XTREAM CLEANS Name when my wife Returned home....I told her I was part of the Research and Development Team at XTREAM CLEAN and the New Trike in the Garage was the Test Vehicle...LMFAO!!!!!!!

As soon as I purchase a new front tire for this bike I will Roll it outside and soak it with XTREAM CLEAN

As well as the Mud Guard Foam Filter Cleaner and the MX ATV Wash it appears (after reading the brochure) that they also offer

Quick Hit Detail Spray

Chain Lube and Cleaner

Clearview Anti-Fog Goggle Cleaner

Non of Which I received....Hint Hint!!!:yes:




Rare XR500 Conversion That needs MUCHO TLC:wacko:




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Yes I can't wait to hear your review Craig. I read about the products when this thread started and was very interested.

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