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Bought it new from our dealership. Has been well taken care of. Serviced every 20 hrs. Has full dual HMF Chrome Black exhaust, K&N airfilter, custom advanced timing, ITP Baja rims mounted on original tires, DG front race bumper with number plate, Tether kill switch, new stock green kawasaki plastics. Comes with extra rear ITP Baja rims mounted on ITP 589 25inch mud tires. Has extra rims, and all original parts. $3700 obo.

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    • By toonces
      I'm wanting to run Shell Rotella T6 synthetic in the 700 Griz but I can only find it in either 0W-40 or 5W-40 weights, and the manual says it's ok to use everything BUT those weights...5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-40 and 20W-50.
      Would it be ok to use the Rotella 5W-40 or do I need to stick to what's specified in the manual?
    • By bodatiouskid
      Have a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 that only has 34mi. on a carb & ring job.
      Cut the gas off today to drain carb.Now engine will not idle.If I open throttle will run,but let off & will cut off.Can screw idle in with no change.
      What happened? Why did this happen when fuel ran out?
      Please help me,my ATV is a daily driver.
      Please help!!
    • By pizzaman_288
      How hard is it to change the outer seals on the rear differential mine are leaking fluid and I have no idea on how to change them out any help would be great thanks
      Need some advise pls. Couldn't get the quad to start put a new cdi on it fired right up rode for about a week, now it starts just fine but will only idle for a few minutes then die, but will fire right back it's running a little rough I rode it for about an hour and it started missing out when I even touched the throttle. I cleaned the carbs and cleaned the plug rechared the k&n air filter, still fired right up but same thing, it won't stay idleing and misses out and wants to die when I give it gas. It seems like it's getting too much gas or not enough not sure, or possibly a vacuum issue. Any suggestions
    • By pete
      I've got a 2005 Brute Force 750 that just had the main timing chain replaced (It broke) along with a couple valves (Bent). The engine work was done by my Mechanic but I removed & reinstalled the motor.
      Put it all back together and it fired up nicely. I let it idle for a bit and pulled the dipstick to make sure I hade enough oil in it. Major pressure coming out of the crankcase, it was as if I had my hand in front of the exhaust! Tons of coolant in there as well!
      The guy who rebuilt it is very good and I know I put it all back together correctly. He obviously missed something, anyone have any thoughts?