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  1. I have a 04 660 raptor. I love the machine in fields, gravel roads, and jumps. I do not like it in the woods because it does not know low rpm riding. I have to ride the clutch a ton in the woods (especially on slow riding trails) Does the 700 fuel ejection run better in low rpm in the woods?????
  2. I had a 50 extreme and it was a piece of crap. The jets got clogged at the riding park and i had to completly tear it down to get to the carb. Also the air filter always got clogged because it was in the back by the rear tire. I was always have to jack with it to run right. I would only by japan made not china made.
  3. I bought it used with 86 miles on it. i paid 3200.00 for it and it looked like new. i love the machine, it is the best trail machine i have ever rode. i do think it is all stock. i also have a 660 raptor, 80 raptor and a 50 jr suzuki.
  4. thanks, i will try a hotter plug.
  5. mine is stock also, idles fine when warmed up. i guess i am comparing it to my raptor 660 which idles and runs even when cold. does your wolvy back fire on deceleration?? my does!!!
  6. it takes about 5 minutes before i can even hit the gas. if i hit the gas before warm, it dies. thanks for your response.
  7. I own a 06 wolvy, it takes forever to warm up, will bigger jets help???? It helped on my old warrior.
  8. i just bought a 2004 660 raptor and was wondering if there is anyway to tame the low end power. i have 2 kids and i put around with them, and the 660 does not run good at slow speeds. it is all stock at this time. thanks

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