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  2. About 3 weeks ago I traded a mc for a 2007 polaris sportsman 800 efi 4x4. When I test drove it all worked well. we went to some trails and my son got stuck in some mud and when I pulled him out the 4wd worked great So a friend of mine wanted me to bring it over to see if it would pull a grader blade he had made. we were pulling it great till it hit some real loose gravel once he started to spin I told him to engage 4wd. he engaged it and nothing from the front wheels just rear wheels spinning. Here is my confusions I hear JD parts will fit some polaris 4 wheelers cant confirm for the 07 I changed the oil in front differential and flushed out and filled again still nothing the front drive shaft is turning but front wheels arent (all 4 wheels jacked up) Checked plugin going to front differential it has voltage. no noise or anything when in 4wd last but could the cage be bad seems like a popular breaking point is there other yrs that innerchange with the 07 as far as differential parts did they upgrade this in the 07 the dealer told be there was 4 different differentials in 07 pending on what month it was built he also told me it should hole 10oz of fluid but it dont. I have download the service manual and will print it today but any advice suggestions would be great thanks Mike
  3. Hey yall just joined from oklahoma. I have just recently traded my motorcycles for four wheelers. None of my family has ever had 4 wheelers before but decided to give it a try. we ended up with 4 a 2007 polaris 800 awd a 2005 honda foreman 500 2wd a 2005 arctic cat 650 4wd and a 2005 Kawasaki prairie 700 4wd as it goes my 13yr old boy loves the honda 500 my wife took the Prairie and the polaris and arctic cat are for me since I like the big ones. and it should be nice to have a backup We have had them about 3 weeks now and have been enjoying them Mike

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