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  1. Hi all just been looking to upgrade my exhaust pipe and it seems I am very limited as to what there is that is a direct fit onto a 2006 wolverine. My question is will the exhaust slip on pipes for the 400/450 kodiak and 450 grizzly bolt up directly? Have it narrowed down to a big gun evo or a mbr 6000 from a local dealer but they are all listed for the kodiak and grizzly not the wolverine. Looks as though a big gun may be what I want for performance and sound but the price is $445 compared to the $235 Mbr. Does anyone have any input on this subject?
  2. Thanks, the winch works awesome as I sure needed it on the weekend. This quad really chews nice, I am really impressed with the overall ability of it.
  3. Good day folks, I just got done installing my winch on my Wolvy and thought I would snap a few pics of the install. First thing I did was get all my parts before I even began the project. Since I really disliked the look of the factory bumper color I repainted the bumper and grab bar black. Much to my dismay the paint didn't last very long trail riding and hauling it around so I decided I would get them powder coated. DSC05352 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05351 by binderpilot, on Flickr They turned out awesome and were definately worth the money to get done. Well here are all the pieces I began with: I purchased the Warn winch mount after doing some research and decided this would work the best for my application as I like the fact that it is not only bolted to the bumper but you have to bolt to the frame as well. DSC05344 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05347 by binderpilot, on Flickr It is a very nice kit that comes with all the hardware and easy to understand instructions. I chose to purchase a 3000lb winch made by Champion, model #1361. I know it is not a top quality winch such as Warn however for my needs this would be sufficient. I really loved the price, $120 from Costco. It came with everything I would need as well as a wireless controller that will come in handy for spooling in the winch cable. DSC05357 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05358 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05359 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05360 by binderpilot, on Flickr The solenoid that came with the winch is heavy duty and marked for easy trouble free installation. DSC05361 by binderpilot, on Flickr I began by following the instructions with the mount and I bolted the winch to the mounting plate. I originally mounted the winch on the mounting plate that came with the winch however when I test fit it on my bumper there wasn't enough clearance. I had to remove that plate and mount the winch directly to the Warn mounting bracket. I really wanted to have the winch lead rollers closer to the winch however it wasn't going to work with this application. DSC05362 by binderpilot, on Flickr I then reinstalled the bumper to the machine. Here is a shot to show you how the U clamps hold it in place. DSC05374 by binderpilot, on Flickr I then ran the 2 power wires from the Winch along the frame and chose to mount the solenoid in the dry area under the seat. DSC05366 by binderpilot, on Flickr With the easy color coating of the connections that Champion provided it was a snap to do the instal. I then mounted the rocker switch on the handlebars. This was another reason I chose this winch, I love the compact no frills design of the rocker switch. It is almost an identical match to the Warn rocker switch. DSC05367 by binderpilot, on Flickr I then had to figure out where I could mount the antenna for the wireless fob. Initially I would have liked to mount it on the airdam in front of the radiator right behind the grille. Unfortunately the wire harness that came with it was too short to reach to where I mounted the solenoid so I decided I would mount it on the left side of the air box by using some zip ties as to not drill any holes. DSC05365 by binderpilot, on Flickr I really love my synthetic cable I put on my RZR so I decided this would be the perfect time to install one on this winch as it hasn't been marred by any cable. Here is a shot with the rope as well as the wireless Fob. DSC05368 by binderpilot, on Flickr This particular rope comes with a brass end on it that I was able to bolt right onto the drum via a bolt that looks to be specifically for something along this line. DSC05370 by binderpilot, on Flickr I then proceeded to spool the rope. It sure was handy having the fob for this task as I am not sure how I could have gotten it on properly by using only the handlebar control. DSC05371 by binderpilot, on Flickr (Tip of the day) ensure nylon sleeve is at end of rope connected to drum. DSC05363 by binderpilot, on Flickr I spooled up very nicely and I was super happy with the end result. DSC05373 by binderpilot, on Flickr Upon looking at it some more I decided that a winch lead saver would be kind of nice to have on this. I decided I would make my own and put a "Canadian" spin on it. DSC05375 by binderpilot, on Flickr That's right, I decided to use a hockey puck that the kids left laying on the floor. The price was right and I think it should serve the purpose perfectly. I drilled a 7/16" hole in the center of it then cut it with a hacksaw to slide it over the cable. Had I thought of this before installing everything I would have not had to make that cut I could have just thread the rope through it. If I every have this rope off I will maybe make a new one without a cut? Only time will tell if this is a good idea or not? DSC05376 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05377 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05378 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05382 by binderpilot, on Flickr So there you go if you have any questions on this please feel free to ask. I am really excited to try this out and especially to try my "DIY" home built winch lead absorber.
  4. There has to be timing marks on the gears. Read the service manual carefully and follow it to the letter. Page 4-51 of that manual is where it starts not sure what else to tell you to assist you other than follow the directions carefully. I havent worked on this particular engine but what I do know with everyone I have worked on is the timing marks are on the gears. Sorry I couldnt be more help.
  5. I initially thought the air cleaner and opened it up, dry as a bone. It is definitely something to do with that override button because my son hit it when I was trouble shooting and away it went. He then rode it holding the button for a few minutes until it started to run without hitting the button any longer. I was just doing a search and found out there is a safety module behind the fuel tank cover on the left side. Apparently the black wire is the one that controls the rev limiter, I wonder if water got in there and shorted it until it evaporated? I am going to check it out in the morning and try some dielectric grease on it, crossing my fingers that this will work? I just downloaded the service manual so I will see what it says. Thanks
  6. Ya there is lots of places to ride there for sure. I have been going out by Rocky Mtn house, there is lots of trails there. There also is a good rally end of August at Sundre if your into that? Hey just curious, you wouldn't happen to know much about a 1997 trail boss 250? We went out last weekend and my son went through some water and it sputtered, as soon as we hit the override away it went?? I was going to tear into it tomorrow, there has to be an issue with the electrical and if I can figure out how to disable it all together I am going to.
  7. Calgary, awesome glad to hear you are so close by. Where do you go riding?
  8. Good day, thought I would just say hello to everyone and say I really enjoy what I have seen from this forum so far. If there are any other riders in the Central Alberta area lets go for a ride.

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