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  1. Hi all just been looking to upgrade my exhaust pipe and it seems I am very limited as to what there is that is a direct fit onto a 2006 wolverine. My question is will the exhaust slip on pipes for the 400/450 kodiak and 450 grizzly bolt up directly? Have it narrowed down to a big gun evo or a mbr 6000 from a local dealer but they are all listed for the kodiak and grizzly not the wolverine. Looks as though a big gun may be what I want for performance and sound but the price is $445 compared to the $235 Mbr. Does anyone have any input on this subject?
  2. Thanks, the winch works awesome as I sure needed it on the weekend. This quad really chews nice, I am really impressed with the overall ability of it.
  3. Good day folks, I just got done installing my winch on my Wolvy and thought I would snap a few pics of the install. First thing I did was get all my parts before I even began the project. Since I really disliked the look of the factory bumper color I repainted the bumper and grab bar black. Much to my dismay the paint didn't last very long trail riding and hauling it around so I decided I would get them powder coated. DSC05352 by binderpilot, on Flickr DSC05351 by binderpilot, on Flickr They turned out awesome and were definately worth the money to get done. Well here are all the pie
  4. There has to be timing marks on the gears. Read the service manual carefully and follow it to the letter. Page 4-51 of that manual is where it starts not sure what else to tell you to assist you other than follow the directions carefully. I havent worked on this particular engine but what I do know with everyone I have worked on is the timing marks are on the gears. Sorry I couldnt be more help.
  5. I initially thought the air cleaner and opened it up, dry as a bone. It is definitely something to do with that override button because my son hit it when I was trouble shooting and away it went. He then rode it holding the button for a few minutes until it started to run without hitting the button any longer. I was just doing a search and found out there is a safety module behind the fuel tank cover on the left side. Apparently the black wire is the one that controls the rev limiter, I wonder if water got in there and shorted it until it evaporated? I am going to check it out in the morning a
  6. Ya there is lots of places to ride there for sure. I have been going out by Rocky Mtn house, there is lots of trails there. There also is a good rally end of August at Sundre if your into that? Hey just curious, you wouldn't happen to know much about a 1997 trail boss 250? We went out last weekend and my son went through some water and it sputtered, as soon as we hit the override away it went?? I was going to tear into it tomorrow, there has to be an issue with the electrical and if I can figure out how to disable it all together I am going to.
  7. Calgary, awesome glad to hear you are so close by. Where do you go riding?
  8. Good day, thought I would just say hello to everyone and say I really enjoy what I have seen from this forum so far. If there are any other riders in the Central Alberta area lets go for a ride.

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