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  1. Thanks Fox.....I really want another ATV so badly. Just gonna keep looking and saving my pennies. You all are so nice here. Thank you for all the nice welcomes. I will definitely check out the She Rides section. I have told my 16 year old son about this site so he will probably join soon. Thanks again.
  2. I will check it out. Have you ever used ebay for large stuff like that? I have purchased a stove and many other different items and have never had any problems. Just wondering if anyone has used ebay for ATVs?
  3. Is craiglist reliable? You always hear stories about them. They kinda scare me. LOL
  4. I'm sorta a newbie...kinda...no? LOL I love looking at the pictures and videos on here and so do my boys. It's very entertaining.
  5. Thanks...gotta have the cash in the bank first LOL always something
  6. Thanks for this information. It's very helpful. I didn't even know a site like this existed.
  7. Hi, I'm Cindy. I've been a member for a while but feel kinda outta the loop. I don't have an ATV anymore. I lost it when I got divorced 8 years ago and just haven't been able to buy another one. My boys borrow my dads Yamaha Blaster and they have a 2003 Yamaha Breeze and they still have the one they first learned on a Honda Fortrax 70 (of course at 16 and 13 they are pretty much too big for it, but still like tooling around the yard). They are all well used and hopefully some day we can get newer ones. I used to have a Polaris Magnum 350 that I couldn't stay out of mud puddles with. I sure do miss it. Well I just wanted to say hi. I am kinda quiet but do poke around here and there.
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone..hope 2009 is good to you all. :partyc:

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