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  2. You bring up an interesting point. About a year or so ago the start-up was fine but it would studder, lose power, and sometimes shut-off while riding, especially when slowing down. Many people recommended spark plugs, spark plug wires, and finally the CDI. I finally convinced him to let me put my meter to the everything and try to troubleshoot the issue. All the electrical connections I tried were dirty and corroded with mud packed into all the connectors in some way or another. When the CDI was removed, mud had creeped in around the connectors and those were the worst. The CDI itself was test
  3. Since posting my original request, we (by "we" I mean a man completely unrelated to the parties involved who had unrestricted access to the ATV w/ the freedom to troubleshoot properly) discovered the problem with the ATV. One of the two starter relays in back was faulty. Which one, I couldn't say as a long drive to a repair shop some hours away was preferable to properly testing the relays & now I don't care. There are two relays/selenoids/made-up-term-to-sound-smarter in the rear (one is for the starter motor itself, one is for (?) the entire circuit (if I remember correctly). On the ATV
  4. I hope someone can help with this problem. When trying to start the ATV after it has been sitting for as little as overnight, it has a VERY difficult time starting. The starter motor is fine, tested within specs. Once the motor has started, you can let it run for a minute or so, shut it off, and it fires right back up. If I run it for about 500 yds and turn it off for an hour, it will start right back up. It just seems that overnight or longer creates this starting issue. Air temperature doesn't affect this. I've replaced the carburetor, a new battery, & a new spark plug. All wires relat

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