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    1998 ol KingQuad....it's a TANK
  2. Inkbybill


  3. Hi guys.. I have a 1998 Suzuki king quad 300 ,live in NH where I use it in the snow /ice on our lakes to fish in the winter , woods to trail ride ,and lite mud. Looking for new rubber as my KQ. Still has warn out originals . Fronts are 24-8 -11 backs 25- 10-12 .. Was looking for a solid lug for long life but still work well with me kind of riding. Looked on line at many brands but was looking for opinions for the best tire for my $$ . Did fine some nice stuff but not in the small front size ,and I'd like the tread to match ....any ideas ???
  4. Both links people have pointed me to won't open . ( file not found) not shure if that's true or I am not doing something correct ? It's probably me .
  5. Tried that.. Got "file not found" so I PM him with no answer yet...thanx BC
  6. Looking for downloadable repair manual for my kq 300 . Nut. Saftey switch messin up / won't start

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