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  2. I installed a new stator due to spark problems. I re-assembled the minimum just to start it. Fired right up. However it would not shift, probably assembly error. I am attaching two pics, one is the crankcase left side and the other is the crankcase cover where the stator is mounter. I the cover pic I am pointing at a fork type part with two fingers. How should that be oriented for reassembly?? If you can see something else wrong in the photos let me know. Or could it be where the shifter rod goes thru the crankcase cover, the rod might of gone thru the case hole crooked?? For a quicker response email at byter1 at gmail.com
  3. I replaced my stator and put the cover on it, started right up. However the gear shift lever will not move. I attached two pics of both the crankcase and crankcase cover. In the pic with crankcase cover there is on item I am pointing at with a screwdriver. It looks like a deformed fork with two fingers. What orientation is that supposed to be when closing the case?? byter1 at gmail.com for direct emails.

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