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  1. 3 wheels are better than 4!
  2. sounds like the ring gaps were lined up or not opposite of each other
  3. I think I was 6 or 7 when got my first atc. was a 1979 honda 110. Then I had a little street legal trail 90. Then a 84 atc 125m. Then a 85 200x. Then a 85 250sx. Then I quit riding for some years because i just worked too much and one day i went and bought a 85 350x and my daughter a lt-a50 quad and i was hooked again. Now Ive got the 85 ATC 350x, and just bought an 85 ATC 250r and few months ago bought a 05 Honda Rancher 350 and I like it but im still moren fond of 3 wheelers because I like the drift style of riding. Pitching it and powering out instead of steering. Its just a crazier st
  4. so this plate needs to be cut out? what is it made of? What would be the outcome if i dont re-jet the carb? Is there any exhaust restriction that could be removed as well? Thank You guys so much for your help. Maybe i wont have to buy a bigger one right yet after all! Again, Thank You

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