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  1. Also make sure your getting it all the way into neutral beforeb trying to start it
  2. Check Ground straps for loose connections
  3. what part of the exhaust is broken? The header or pipe or muffler? I may have one i could sell you. I really dont know of anywhere to buy 250sx parts. They werent as popular as other models. But let me know the part you need and i will see if i can help
  4. awesome article for atc lovers! Thanks for the read
  5. i need a 2005 honda 350 rancher manual. Might someone have it
  6. beautiful place man! what state is that in?
  7. I just seen they got one of these back routes through oregon and new mexico too. thats awesome!
  8. never seen this. Totally cool. Im going next summer!
  9. I bought my kid a 03 suzuki quadmaster lt50 some years back and is bored with it cuz it has no balls. It has a 2-stroke 50cc motor in it and i know it has to be baffled down somehow to accomodate little kids. My question is has anyone on here tried to unbaffle or modify one of these to get its full potential? If so, Was it worth doing?
  10. pull off bottom of carb and see if its gummed up

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