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  1. dudehaan

    April 2009 ATV Photo Contest - MotoSport!

    My sister (Pink Suzuki LTZ400) and me(Blue Yamaha YFZ450) getting ready to race.
  2. dudehaan

    December 2008 ATV Photo Contest!

    My sister and I before a race. I've turned it into a fun family outing.
  3. dudehaan

    November Photo Contest!

    I took this empty H&H trailer and added everything you see inside. I built the cabinets from scratch, put in the custom counter top, wired the entire trailer with lights and outlets, and put in all the flooring and e-track. It was a long project, but worth every second it took. It's a 7x16' with a 2' V-nose. Official Submission. And here's just some other pictures of the outside and the building process.
  4. dudehaan

    June Photo Contest!

    I know it's not a quad but it was in between riding sessions.
  5. Thanks for all the comments guys. I mainly race local events around central Iowa, but made it to the walnut national last weekend. I've also gone to Silver lake Michigan, Little Sahara Oklahoma, and St. Anthony Idaho dunes, and then ridden a few tracks in Texas when I went to visit a buddy.
  6. dudehaan

    May Photo Contest!

    That's a sweet pic kokanovich, but not really an action shot
  7. dudehaan

    Post your mods...

    2006 YFZ450 - Laegers Long Travel A-arms - PEP Long Travel Zero Preload Shocks - CP Velocity Racing High Compression Piston - Crower Victory Cam and Cam Mod - Rath Racing Steering Stem - Rath Bumper - Rath Nerfs - HMF Full System Exhuast - Fasst Flexx Bars - Hiper Wheels - PEP Steering Stabilizer - BARE Gusset Kit - LSR Axle - LSR Swingarm - LSR 6point Subframe - Quadtech Hump Seat - Quadtech Hood - White - BRM Offroad #s - Kenda SX Tires - Kick start kit with 98 yz250 kick start lever - Gutted wiring harness - Pingel kill switch And I'm sure there's more. I prob forgot a few things
  8. dudehaan

    ACTION! shots

    Haha thanks, i've got more on myspace and my web site. Here's a couple videos too. 110 Foot Sand Dune Jump - ATV and Quad Videos - MyQuadVideos.Com Dustin De Haan #28 - ATV and Quad Videos - MyQuadVideos.Com
  9. dudehaan

    May Photo Contest!

  10. dudehaan

    ACTION! shots

    You asked for 'em. Here they are
  11. dudehaan

    may need new frame :o(

    moto-x-coatings Check that guy out. He did a great job powder coating my engine cases.
  12. dudehaan

    Do you have a MySpace profile?

    MySpace.com - DeHaan ~28~ - 22 - Male - PELLA, Iowa - www.myspace.com/foxracernumber28
  13. dudehaan

    What I do when I Cant Ride

    Hahaha that's awesome. I might have to make one next time I'm bored.
  14. dudehaan

    Post Your Gear!

    I've got a Leatt too. It's great. Doesn't work good with my new msr chest protector, but works awesome with my fox chest protector. I watched a kid break his neck at a race. That was on a Saturday, Monday I had my Leatt ordered. Luckily he wasn't paralyzed and he's racing again, but still super crazy.