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  1. Not too bad, had to pull the plugs and pump the water out of the cylinders then they cranked right up and finished the day ridin.
  2. RZR 2 for 2 1st - Dry Pull Suzuki Samuri @ River Ranch 2nd - Dry Pull Jeep CJ7 @ Rancho Who's next? coming for ya!!!
  3. Round 2 - fan went into the radiator and broken tranny mount. got that fixed seems to be doin good now.
  4. Just got a chance to check in, the front is not locked, I do have a Lincon locker in the rear. Just put a set of Chevy 3" wheel studs on the front. Hopefully that will hold. Ready to get her out again and see what else grenades.
  5. She handled good, need to install a steering stabilizer, she has the stock V6 with dual transfer cases and 5:28 gears
  6. Trucks coming along pretty good, had one problem on the maiden voyage, the front wheel bolts broke off and messed up my new fender and the hub. other than that she ran gooder
  7. Taking it out this weekend for it's first time, hopefully everthing works right. I'll try and take some action pics.
  8. Yeah I'm gonna put lights in the front and some backup lights on the rear
  9. It was hydrolocked, we pulled the plugs and cleared the water out and it started right back up.
  10. Here's the rear bumper / cage extension I'm working on.
  11. [/img] Here's me and Joshy crossing a pond at The Nasty Crackers Camp near Trenton, Fl.
  12. RZR dry pulling the Sami out
  13. This didn't look that deep either!!!! Pulled it out with my RZR

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