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  2. The Carb is probably dirty, take it off and clean it.
  3. My Next project Now i got to figure out the year and motor size.
  4. I ride in the Westchester area and make some trips to Roscoe NY.
  5. Finished with heat shrink connectors and extra heat shrink tubing on top. The heat shrink tubing also has glue in it to make it extra waterproof.
  6. Sorry for the late reply but I found out it was my dogs ripped the harness above the left rear tire.
  7. Hi all, new member from NY and I have a question. Rode around fine, parked it and now no spark I left it out over night and a chipmunk moved in. My dogs were going crazy around the quad, I went to see what happened and saw a chipmunk in the quad. Chased it away and it won’t start. The air cleaner box was full of nuts, no nuts past the air cleaner. In park, park light on, will not crank. Put in neutral it cranks like normal but wont fire. Pulled plug and cranked over – No Spark. I traces a bunch of wires and cant find anything chewed. What could be the problem?

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