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  1. Heres a few vids of mine. This one is really awesome. The snow was so deep I was in diff lock and I was going full throttle and had all I could do to not get stuck [ame=http://vimeo.com/9715093]Riding Around On 2/24 on Vimeo[/ame] Heres a few more Riding 2/20/2010 riding 1/17/10 Riding Around The Neighborhood
  2. This is my toy hauler. I don't have a pic of the trailer. But I have a 2 place snowmobile trailer. Works really nice for ATVs LOL This is a 2000 Xterra. It has 3.5'' of lift, 33s, and tons and tons of mods. I bought it all rusty and I completely restored it and I am loving it to death. Its my daily driver gets decent gas mileage and is as fun off road as my quad.
  3. Yeah you had the better pic tho You deserved it Congrats!
  4. I guess if your a every once and awhile rider the painted plastic is fine...but if your a ride every weekend kind of guy like me...I say get regular plastic. Paint is going to chip and scratch off....
  5. Maxxis Big Horn Review: First thing I noticed upon mounting these tires was how much bigger they were than most 25'' tires. They measured around 25.5'' with 4PSI in them. They are close to 26'' with 6-7PSI in them. If you are considering a set of Big Horns definitely take the sizing into consideration. These tires are on the heavier side. Although I did not notice much of a power difference. Mud Performance - In the mud these tires do well but not great. Although, keep in mind they are an all terrain tire and not a mud tire specifically. If you are going to Big Horns from stock tires the Big Horns will spin circles around the stockers in the mud all day long. I have not been able to get myself stuck with them yet during normal trail mud riding. They do perform very well in mud, but if you are a 100% mud rider than you may want to look into a more mud oriented tire. Woods Trail Performance - This is where I found the Big Horns to be most at home. They grip up like glue on logs and go right over them with no hesitation. The great thing about the Big Horns in this type of riding is just peace of mind. The 6 ply radial tire is indestructible to the sticks and thorns that are found all over the trails. Snow Performance - The Big Horns performed flawlessly in the snow. They mostly floated on top as long as you take it easy on the throttle upon taking off. Overall in the snow I was really pleased. I felt confident going higher speeds in icy areas with them. I had good gripping control. Sand Performance - Excellent tire in the sand. My stockers used to spin and dig in. They float on top and get you moving! Overall Performance - I am extremely impressed with this set of tires. So far they show no wear with 1000 miles on them. After I have 3000-4000 miles on them we will know for exact how well they wear. But so far so good! Mud Performance - 7/10 Woods Trail Performance - 10/10 Snow Performance - 8/10 Sand Performance - 10/10 Overall Performance - 9/10
  6. Rox Risers & Solex Bars I purchased my set of Rox Risers back in February of 08. I bought the 3.5 Risers with the standard 7/8 bar clamps and then adapt to 1 1/8" bars. When I first received the risers and bars I noticed the packaging was excellent. Once I opened everything up I noticed the quality of these products is very tough and the finish is great. I now have had my risers for awhile and put a good 1500 miles of riding on them and they have been awesome. The bars have a much more comfortable bend and allows for a more sporty riding stance. The finish on the bars and risers is still as good as it was when i first received them! The stock set up on my Grizzly was a bit too far forward for me. I rode up on front of the seat and almost on the gas tank most of the time. With my Rox Risers positioned back a bit I am not longer riding on the gas tank. My butt is positioned more in the middle of the seat. This little difference goes a long way. Ride On Cool, ;D Mack
  7. Power steering is great. I greatly suggest it. It works as a stabilizer and when your moving along slowly you will really love it at the end of the day.
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