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  1. Very nice, I've only ridden west of Moosehead Lake. Will have to check this out.
  2. Check out PA DCNR's website for public places to ride https://trails.dcnr.pa.gov/mapsearch/index.html?atv=true
  3. Recorded ride at AOAA in PA. Recorded on an older Garmin 400c that I bought at the time for the jetski. Just downloaded topo map as the unit came with a marine map preinstalled.
  4. Newbie question here. When checking the oil on a 94 Timberwolf 4x4, do you screw the dipstick all the way in or just place it in at the top of the threads? I did check the owners manual and it didn't indicate either. Just changed the oil, filter, & cleaned the oil strainer for the first time.
  5. Do you really need a title to ride where you want to ride? Here in NJ all you need is a bill of sale or statement of origin if the seller still has it. This is also true for Pennsylvania. I register mine with the PA DCNR. There want either of those documents plus a picture of the Vin number on the machine if you don't have the statement of origin as they run a vin check to make sure it's not reported stolen. They reason why I register in PA is because that's where I ride and I'd rather give them the money where they have public trails and do maintenance on them. I could register in NJ but all they do is take your money and there's really no legal place to ride!
  6. Anybody have a part number for these or are they only available as an entire hub assembly. I have 2 broken and I was able to get 2 loose from Auto Zone. Even though they fit the lug nut, the knurled part of the stud is smaller than the factory ones and they spin until friction takes effect when tightening the nut. The ones they sell are a M10-1.25. Also any advice on the wheel dust caps? On Yamaha parts, there are 2 parts list for this model with 4 wheel drive. One shows nothing while one shows a part number of 52H-2512A-00-00. I'm wondering how durable and well they fit. My son game me 4 with a part number of 5GT-2512A-00. Those fit on the wheels but they seem like they will fall off on the first bump. Before I spend $48 dollars on dust caps, I want to make sure I won't lose them on the trail. Thanks in advance.

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