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  1. FYI, we did get it to catch and run yesterday; it happened by accident when the air-filter line that connects to the case popped off and it lit right up. Been tinkering with air-flow issue/carb adjustments sense. Its not fixed but it's closer.
  2. Do have any links or direction on learning a good refinishing technique? My 5yr old took a screw driver to the plastics on one of our quads; not deep or gauged but enough that it looks a bit crappy.
  3. The fluids will be the biggest issue. If it's just for a quick activity you'd probably be fine (aka, less than 15min.) but longer would pose all the concerns above and just get worse. I had a rider roll one in the woods and it took us about 45min to get out there and stand it back up. Fortunately with giving it a burst of full-throttle it fired right back up with nothing notable as an issue. (That said it was an air-cooled Kawasaki so fewer 'things' to drip/settle out that could cause damage...)
  4. Local trails on my property and my adjacent neighbors. We like the solitude of the rides for unplugging ourselves and my kids from the technology driven daily grind. Also forces/allows me to teach them about the woods, critters and nature in general while still getting some adrenaline rush. (Plus while they're out riding, my wife and i can have 5 mins to talk without being hounded by little needy offspring )
  5. Had to move out of the burbs due to Nazi HOA. Was able to buy a house with some land and had neighbors who had grown up riding quads on the land I bought. We went out and remade a ton of trails (~3-4 miles) on it and bought some used quads to ride. Been crazy into just local riding/working on the bikes ever since. (4 months now but totally awesome... wife calls it her happy place activity... to my dismay the other thing moved to the #2 spot...)
  6. @WarPepper Good info in this thread. Prior to reading: tow strap, headlamp, folding saw, first-aid kit, bungee cords, radio(walkie-talkie) and beer. After reading this thread: Small multi-tool, jump box; bug spray; added eye wash to first-aid kit, .22LR pocket pistol.
  7. Is there a 'best in class' tool/app method to map private ATV trails? We're lucky to have some space to ride and have created many trails but can't figure out the best/most efficient method to generate a map? I've tried GIA GPS for iOS with some success, however the stop/start when trails cross over each other makes it tricky/difficult to get an accurate 'total mileage' vs. duplicate overlap.
  8. Has anyone had success in locating replacement spindles for the Coolsports (150ST and 200) (not to be confused with coolster although may be the same types) after the shatter? I've two quads that both have busted spindles. I've tried two different parts sites but they never shipped. Also, has anyone ever tried to weld the steering linkage bolt hole parts back on after they crack off hitting a tree? The rest of the quads are in good shape; stinks to not be able to ride'm due to the spindles. (On a side note, anyone use a different aftermarket spindle as a replacement with success?) Tks,
  9. Forgot to add that we pulled the air and fuel filters/replaced to make sure they weren't starving the engine. Also, killed the auto-oiler and just started mixing oil/fuel to better control the mix. All the gaskets are new with the exception of the carb-gasket (little plastic one) which might end up being where the issue is located.
  10. I have a similar issue with a 1999 lt80; It runs fine until the engine is really hot; then we loose power and eventually it won't stay running. My gear-head friend says he thinks it's an air-leak once it expands. We're going after it tonight with a can of carb-cleaner to try and find/confirm it. We had replaced the carb and put a cheap knock-off topend kit on it (some yahoo had run it without an air-filter and killed the head). ALso had a sticking clutch problem as the rollers were flattened by the previous owner (maybe a fat/heavy person killed it). That was an ebay purchase. If you have any success, please share. -Tks
  11. Did you purchase that manual? If so, how detailed was it? I have a 110 that has spark and compression but won't "run". We've cleaned everything and replaced the stater. I have a new harness but with the spin-over and plug firing; I'm dying as to what is really wrong. I am afraid my next step is to tear-down the top end and look 'inside.'

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