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  2. Can some someone podt a picture og part and hose that comes from exhaust to the fuel pump for kazuma jaquar 500. Have search web with no sucess for what I need.
  3. Can you help me with mine and send me a picture of your exhaust port that has hose port and feeds fuel pump, I bought mine and I think Im missing something
  4. Have you tried to start after moving neutral position abck in forth
  5. Needing some guidance on 2008 Kazuma Jaguar 500. There is a half inch port that comes off exhaust and goes to fuel pump. there must be something that goes in between hose and fuel pump because fuel pump gets way to hot and is burning hose into. Can anyone share a picture or part name I need to purchase. A picture or drawing would be very helpful
  6. Needing to know what goes between exhaust port pipe and fuel pump connection. Just bought 4wheeler and rubber hose keeps burning holes and gets fuel pump extremely hot. Is there something that restricts the heat to guel pump?

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