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Kazuma - Will Not Start


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It has spark, compression, gas, new cdi box, coil, alt, ignition switch but still wont start! The handlebar starter button doesn't work most times. Sprayed starter fluid - still nothing. Shift indicator lights up & horn works. I can't figure out why this just wont start. Any advice and I'm all ears.

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its probably a meercat ,,, not sure what engine size ...

For Meerkat50-4A, Panda100-4SA, Cougar250-4M

1. For TDC Mark

Looking from the right hand side of the engine casing, the magnet on the crankshaft, which form part of the generator has mark on it. The arrow on the magnet must face the mark on the casing, that is TDC

2. When the piston is TDC, that's ignition timing.

Looking at the camshaft from the front of the engine the following will be seen

( a ) A slot in line with the big hole of the cam gear .

( b ) The two small holes of the cam gear will be flush with the turpet cover seat on the head, the cam lobes are free.

3. The valve clearance

( a ) The Intake valve 0.05 mm

( b ) The Exhaust valve 0.05 mm

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Thanks again! Would anyone know what my Kazuma is by these numbers on the engine? #05050887 ans VIN # 095100956. There was a vin code look up at one time but oxidized black. Its not running yet - I need to find time to get working on it. Thanks for your help

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Also, mine was having a hard time starting as well, and I think it was the carb. I put a special cleaner int he gas and I think it knocked loose some crap. So im cleaning the carb to see it thats the problem. If I cant clean the carb im buying a new one.

Heres the link: https://www.ebay.com/i/182215680083?chn=ps


Hope this helps

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Is there sort of a one stop shopping website that has all things Kazuma available for purchase?  Also,  I think I have the falcon 110.  Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive tire suppliers?

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