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  1. Something mighta broke off and gone into the carb
  2. SUPER CHEAP PERFORMANCE PARTS!!! Try here: http://www.powersportsmax.com/index_parts.php/tID/1/gID/2
  3. Also, mine was having a hard time starting as well, and I think it was the carb. I put a special cleaner int he gas and I think it knocked loose some crap. So im cleaning the carb to see it thats the problem. If I cant clean the carb im buying a new one. Heres the link: https://www.ebay.com/i/182215680083?chn=ps Hope this helps
  4. You might be missing a switch or something. Underneath the gas tank there's a lever for the gas and on the carb theres a lever for the gas. Make sure both of those aren't keeping the gas from the carb.

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