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  2. The closest I have is for 2009 2009 Sportsman 300 - 400 HO - SM
  3. Works fine for me.. Try this one. 1996-1998_POLARIS_SERVICE MANUAL
  4. Pretty sure your model is covered in this manual. 1996-1998_POLARIS_SERVICE_MANUAL.PDF
  5. Yamaha ATV Parts 1998 WARRIOR - YFM350XK CARBURETOR https://www.google.com/search?q=1998+Yamaha+Warrior+350+Carb&oq=1998+Yamaha+Warrior+350+Carb&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60j69i61&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=0&ie=UTF-8#q=yamaha+warrior+350+carb+for+sale&tbm=shop
  6. 2005_Polaris_Sportsman_700_EFI_and_800_EFI_Service_Manual.pdf
  7. No sure how to attach a speedo if its not made for one, however the tach is simple. get something like this. Engine Digital Tach Hour Meter Tachometer Gauge Motorcycle ATV
  8. got one for a 2004-2005 Sportsman 500 6x6.. 2004-5_Polaris_Sportsman_6x6_Service_Manual_9919504.pdf
  9. Here is the closest one I can find, for an 06 2006+50-90+All.pdf
  10. Try using a known good battery to start it or jump try to jump start it with a good known batter. If it starts, your battery is probably bad. You can also try to start it by taking an old screwdriver and jumping the two large terminals on the solenoid. If it starts your solenoid is bad. Also try taping on the starter with a hammer while performing both of these tests. This can help you find out if the starter is going bad. Sometimes the tapping can get it to spin if it has a bad spot on the armature.
  11. I believe this would be the manual for your machine. Not sure about the cooling hoses, vin, or mods. All parts Ive purchased for a falcon 110 were from ebay. There isnt much out there on these machines that I can find. Im getting more familiar myself with them, but most people you will find will tel you to buy something else than spend $ on a kazuma. I just got the 110 from a friend that aquired 2 and gave me 1 as trade for the labor. Im building it into a toy drag bike. Stretching the rear end and a bore and cam upgrade. Just something to beat the heck out of till it breaks.... Kazuma Falcon 150/250 ATV Owners Manual.pdf
  12. In case anyone comes across this thread, here is a link to what I was looking for. TB 114cc Bore Kit w/ Race Head GPX Pitster YX Piranha Lifan - Pit Bike Engine Parts - Big Bore and Stroker Kits - TBW9096 - TBolt USA, LLC Yeah, yeah, I know kazumas are crap, but hey, its my $$...
  13. I guess that all depends on who is riding it and there knowledge of working on machines. Also providing it doesnt get any mechanical issues the entire fuel and electrical system can be replaced for slightly over $100. If the frame breaks, Ive got a welder and all other factory parts a dirt cheap.. Just wanting to make a toy out of some junk Im going to have sitting around. Might as well use it instead of throwing it in the dumpster. Just wanting to make a toy I can drive it like I stole it and if it breaks, who cares. Put it up and maybe put some more $$ in it when I get a few extra bucks laying around.. Im already stretching the rear suspension back about a foot and widening all 4 corners 4 inches to get some more stability out of it. Thinking about dropping it down and making a little drag bike out of it.
  14. Hey all, A buddy of mine just got 2 falcon 110s a few weeks back that had been sitting around for a few years, and got me to get them running. Well at least one, and took parts from the other one as needed. He is trading me the other one for labor costs. I really did not want to do this since I could use the money, but I am going to anyway. So my question is, where can I find some good performance parts for this thing. The one I rode went pretty good, but Im a speed freak of sorts and want to built it to go faster. I want to make a crazy little toy for myself with this thing. I already know about the after market CDI and coils, but would like to go way further than that with a possible cam and head, maybe even a larger bore if possible. Thanks for any replies.

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