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  2. +1 on Dave's comment. Either one sounds likely.
  3. Damn that sucks.. Watch for jitterbugs in the neighborhood. Damn tweakers are up all night and steal anything not welded down.. Sorry for your loss man.
  4. It goes without saying, running an internal combustion engine without an air filter of any kind is bad juju. It sucks in enough crap to rapidly wear the rings, cylinder, and especially bearings. I'd change my oil ASAP
  5. The pic finally loaded. Try hooking up your airbox and lid, etc. and see if it doesn't help. At the very least you should be stupid lean unless jetted for no air filter
  6. Also your float could be stuck or sticky, letting in too much fuel.
  7. That indicates you're only getting enough fuel for the amount of air the carb passes when choked 90%. Either fuel is being restricted, or FAR more likely you have an air leak. Is the lid on the airbox? All the ducting/snorkels/etc connected and tight? A bad air leak will do what you're talking about.
  8. PS WD40 your electrical connections. Did you know the WD stands for "water displacing"? That's why it was used for years on distributor caps and rotors on older trucks..
  9. As far as the fluids go, drain all oil, grease, and diff fluids. Refill with something cheap, run it for a few minutes (watching closely the temp and oil pressure), shut it down, re-drain everything, fill with normal lubes and go ride for 15 minutes. Check your fluids for any sign they don't look the same as when you poured them out of the bottle. Any change probably indicates there's still water in there. If so, drain, fill, repeat. Until your oil/diff fluid doesn't look funny anymore. It's a proven system we've used many times over the years. GOOD LUCK!
  10. You can resuscitate one that's been for a swim fairly easily, though it won't be free. First pull the plugs and crank the water out of the cylinder(s). Failure to pull the plugs before cranking WILL result in a bent rod if there's water in the cylinder.
  11. Yeah, get an extra set of hands to help and test voltage at the starter. I hope you get it figured out, I have a 2000 Big Bear I'm tearing down and trying to sort out. You know the old "it ran when I parked it" routine LOL

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