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  1. GnasherNF

    Why Tread Lightly!...?

    I have seen governments ban ATVers from using trails around boggy areas because it would cause too much hardship on local wildlife and environment, then the next year the whole area is torn up and partitioned off to make a sod farm. Hunters also try to take care and not tear the place up too much, while organized outfitters often use J5s or tractors to plow directly through whatever is in the path. So the idea seems to be alive and well on the individual scale, while on the group scale of business and government, not so much.
  2. GnasherNF

    Great site for trail info!

    The site looks good and is still going 6 years later!
  3. GnasherNF

    Generate map of private ATV trails

    I don't know about private options but you can add the trails to OpenStreetMap and then access them from many different devices. The IOS app I use for that is called "Go Map!!"
  4. GnasherNF

    Trying a new app on my phone

    Did you ever get to go back and see any wee beasties scuttling for the water?
  5. GnasherNF

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    I usually use an IOS program called "Go Map!!" for marking new trails. Accuracy is better than other programs I have tested, but still nowhere near as accurate as even a cheap dedicated GPS for some reason. The convenient part is the app will make a GPX file that is directly uploadable to OpenStreetMap, which I find really handy for backwoods navigation. That site is free to use and you can access the data from many types of devices including iOS and android, including car GPSes based on the android OS.
  6. GnasherNF

    Multiple projects

    Hi. Got a couple on the back burner. Will probably start with the Kawasaki. 1989 Kawasaki Bayou 220, overheating, electrics all messed up, brakes missing. 1991 Suzuki Quadrunner 250, parts quad 1993 Suzuki Quadrunner 250, cam chain guides broken and rattling around inside. 2011 Arctic Cat Prowler 550XT, rear diff exploded.
  7. GnasherNF

    Hello from Saint George Utah

    Welcome to the site.