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  2. I thank you for the offer. I will go back to the site and try some more but I'm having trouble finding a manual that I for the Kodiak in English. But I will try again. Thank you for the input.
  3. Thanks for the input. I think we are getting close to figuring this part out. will keep you posted.
  4. Hello, sorry I didn't mean to leave you hanging. We do in fact have the CDI box and the Voltage reg/rect from/for the Kodiak 400 4x4. I am soring through the wiring now jut having trouble finding the needed wiring diagram for the Kodiak side. May have to start buying manuals and hope one has a decent diagram of the wiring to the motor. Mostly trying to figure out where/how to supply 12v to the motor and its harness so we can try firing it up, would love to confirm that the motor runs before spending more time on the hookups. Thanks again for your help,
  5. Hello sorry but it has taken me a few days to get some info from my son. I have many new pics of the wiring on his machine and we have a major problem. We do have a Complete brand new harness for the Utv but when someone pulled the old harness they tore it apart. Many of the connector ends were cut off and are gone. What is on the machine now is just the Kodiak motor and the harness that came with it for it's CDI box and voltage Reg/Rect... The motor harness has some of the connectors still in place for the CDI and the reg/rect. but where the wires were cut, probably where they connected to the Utv and it's harness there is a problem. When they installed the motor they spliced it's harness wires to the machine using a single light blue wire and when they made the cuts to strip the old Utv harness out they cut on the light blue wire not the colored wires from either of the other harnesses. This left little if any trace as to what wire from motor was connected to which wire on the machine. I'm left with trying to figure out how to get the needed 12 volt to the motor so we can try to get it running as I'd really like to know that the motor runs ok before doing the rest of the wiring. I have to keep looking for the wiring diagrams for the Kodiak side that will help me understand it's power needs so I can do some testing. I thank you for your time and hope I might still be able to pick your brian for some help on this but I guess for now I have to plow ahead with figuring out color wires from the motor go to what colors on the machine and/or it's harness. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day and hope to be able to contact you again in the near future.
  6. Hello. I will try to give you more detail now and I'm waiting for some pics of the CDI, Voltage Reg/Rect, all that came with the Kodiak motor from my son. What we have is a New complete wiring harness for the Utv, the old harness that someone pulled out and stripped it into a pile of loose wires and cut off many of the contacts. The Kodaik looks as though they pulled the motor with the CDI and voltage reg/rect left wired up for the most part. The wring that is there for the motor includes the connectors for the connection between the motor and the Cdi box. I think we mostly need to understand how or where we need to supply 12vdc power to the motor. This motor had been installed in this machine and had been running and usable until they had someone pull the old wiring to install the new harness. For some reason they stopped working on it. I will review the new pics as soon as I get them and try to come back with more specific info on wires and colors and such. I thank you for your time and interest in helping us.
  7. Hello All, I am looking for any help or suggestion that I might be able to get on how to wire a '04 Kodiak 400 4x4 motor into a Coleman Outfitters / Hisun 400 4x4 Utv. This machine had the Kodiak motor installed and was running until someone stripped the wiring to install new harness. They destroyed the old harness so it of little use now. We have a new harness for the Utv and part of the wiring to the Kodiak CDI and Voltage regulator/rectifier is in place. For now I am just trying to find a good diagram of the wiring needed to Power up the motor. Any help with this part of our issue would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to help my son this machine running since he bought into this nightmare. Thank you,
  8. Thank you this should help us out. I'll have to check the voltage reg/rect that is on the machine now. We have what is suppose to be a new wiring harness for the Hisun Utv. Just need to round up the proper diagrams for each and I'll be diving in soon. Thanks again for your time and help.
  9. Hello all. As a second major part to trying to help my son bring a 2014 Coleman Outfitters 400 UTV to life I am trying to find a schematic of the electrical system for the complete machine. Have to try to wire a Kodiak 400 engine and CDI box into a New machine wiring harness. We also have to install the Complete harness into the machine as the old one was stripped out. Have nothing against buying a service manual but really love it if/when I can find a Schematic in a PDF file so I can blow it help to better follow the wire runs.
  10. Hello wanrep. My son pulled the following number from what he thinks is the location you mentions. The number is; J311E-015031. If that doesn't make sense he took a picture of the spot he got it, let me know if you need that and thanks for your help.
  11. Hello, I have a pdf file that is the 'Offical' HONDA Shop Manual for ATC125M that I would be happy to share if it would interest anyone. I know that there are restrictions on some materials that must be met before items can be uploaded to the Forum. If this does not break any of those restrictions I would gladly upload this, once I figure out how to do that if it takes more than a drag and drop.
  12. Hello, I have a couple of pictures if a picture is better than words. I also have a picture of the wiring that comes out of the motor if that helps with any of this. For what its worth I also put a pic of the CDI box that was installed with the motor. I can remove these pics when they are no longer doing any good if that helps to save space. Thank you for your response and time. Robert
  13. I am trying to help my son with a machine he recently bought. A Coleman Outfitters 400 4x4 UTV.(Ihsun 400) The problem is a big one and I'm trying to work through a step at a time. It's a 2014 that had a Kodiak 400 motor and CDI box put in it for some reason but don't know year. There was a fire and someone pulled out and messed up the old wiring harness. He got a new harness for the Utv but now we have to try to figure out how to wire everything together. Any help on wiring the Kodiak to it's own CDI and or into the Utv would be Greatly appreciated. If I get a Diagram for that motors wiring then I can go to work on the harness install for the machine. I do have pictures of some of the #s on the motor, CDI box and of the harness coming from the motor. I know its asking for a lot to hope someone might be able and willing to help but it would be great if I could get some feed back. Now I have to see about uploading some manuals I have for older Linhai/Manco Atvs that I have. Thanks
  14. Hi to everyone. I'm trying to help my son with a problem be bought. A 2014 Coleman Outfitters 400 4x4 UTV(Hisun 400). Suppose to have a Kodiak 400 motor and CDI box that was wired in and being used. Then there was a fire that messed up the wiring. They bought a new wiring harness and someone worked on it, long enough to strip all wiring and cut connectors ends. I've bought and rebuilt several ATV and ATCs so I'm going to try to help. I am searching around for wiring diagrams for both Kodiak, unknown year and the UTV side. Trying to be sure manuals I have to buy are worth the price, I've bought many in the past that were a waste of time and money. Anyway this is long winded enough. I'll continue my searching and hope to learn enough to help get it running and everything working. Once I figure anything out I will try to repost any information that might help others. Hope to be able to exchange info with many others members.

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