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  1. K, you have GOT to love my dad with his biking helmet in this picture! (2) zuki's and a Kazuma mini falcon 90!
  2. my son going deep! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsANRSt9MX8]Water Crossing[/ame]
  3. Not a lot of big dunes like that around in my area. Is it tough to keep the machines clean? Does the sand cause things to wear quick?
  4. ha! A dawg dummer than mine! Never thought I would see the day...
  5. Any other Louisiana riders on here???
  6. We've been riding non-stop, of course in Louisiana there was never anything to keep us from riding. This past weekend it was in the 70s, excellent!
  7. Down here it is mainly just trail riding in the woods so they get hung up on limbs a bunch but I do make my son ride with one (b/c his bike is smaller).
  8. Hey, we are fairly new and wondering if there are any new or updated listings of trails to ride in Louisiana. I posted the Spillway in Norco, La (near New Orleans) but would love to know of other places. Thanks,

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