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  1. I ride a 400EX, but I'm going with the Banshee, I also like the Blaster for it doesn't cost so much to work on.
  2. i think you have to pull a trigger like mechanism under the right side of the fuel tank, but if worst came to worst, I guess I could forget reverse and remove the cable, I could also buy a 2005 wiring harness, what are your thoughts? thanks, kevin t.
  3. I was riding my 400EX the other day, and it locked up, i took it all apart and my top end was great, but my crank wont make a complete revolution, just about half of one, Any ideas whats wrong?:
  4. I am in desperate need of an engine, i found a 2005 400EX engine with reverse, I was wondering if it would fit on my 2002 400EX frame, and the wirng and everything hook up, without modifying anything, All help is appreciated, thanks

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