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  2. Thanks Gents. Used a combination of all advise. New Kymco carb purchased from eBay.
  3. Morning All, Wondering if anyone has had any success using aftermarket carburetors on the smaller ATVs? Picked up a couple Arctic Cat DVX90s over the weekend (2006 & 2008), and one of them has an aftermarket carb that needs to be replaced (it's missing the brass barb for the fuel line ). Both are the same Kymco power plant, but different frame/body. I swapped carburetors between the machines to test opreation. Both ran great, and seem to manage the electronic choke properly. Am I better off to buy the replacement carb from AC ($250), or try an aftermarket? Part of me wants a manual choke..... Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  4. This is a great tip!!! The heat active adhesive used makes a great seal I've used marine grade heat shrink connectors (splice an mating) for the past ~6 years with our boat, and not a single issue related to the connector with steady salt water exposure. Note: Make sure you line everything up well. The heat activated glue doesn't let go once adhered.......not an issue of you have plenty of conductor length, just cut it off. If you're short on wire, prepare accordingly.
  5. Do do you find the lighting controls (remote activation or programmable on) to be a "neat" feature, or is it improving the way your home functions? I've given a fair amount of through updating lighting controls, but haven't pulled the trigger. Current setup Amazon Echo - One echo dots - 2 (kids rooms) Old School Programmable Light Switch Timers - these I love. Similar concept, but they are less intuitive, and cannot be sync'd with if using multiple timer (obviously not on a central lighting control panel). They have to be reprogrammed occasionally to sync the time.
  6. Does anyone have any experience on these trails they would be willing to share, positive or negative?
  7. Out of curiosity, how do you draw the line between normal, and "weak" spark? Purely visual (consistent blue), or tester?
  8. Chrome 95% of the time. Fast, easy. Will use MS Edge / IE if there is a issue with Chrome. I've only really experienced issues with Chrome when using net based file servers, specifically utilizing files active by multiple simultaneous users. Ironically, this post is coming in from Edge...….
  9. Reviving a pretty old thread, sorry. Factoring in I've not ventured of Maryland's Eastern Shore, does anyone have thoughts on where to visit for a long family weekend? Kids are 6 & 8 (50cc), wife and I are on bikes. Thanks in advance
  10. Good Morning all. New member from Maryland. My family, wife +2, recently entered the atv/dirt bike world. Weird background: Farm boy, engineering undergrad, work in the construction industry. Novice+ mechanical skills.....but well equipped, looking to expand ability.
  11. The simple fact that this thread has not spun out of control speaks volumes to the conduct on the forum......I realize this is my first post. I have spent some time on another forum, this thread would have played out differently. I opened this one out of morbid curiosity. Kudos to you guys.

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