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  1. Update on the quad.... Carb cleaned throughly, new battery and valves set to spec. Not a lick of change in the sound or performance of it once so ever. Still heavy tick and loss of power at full throttle. It revs perfect in neutral but under a load it's spitting just a hair at high rpms. Clutch is slipping as well. I adjusted it how the manual said but it wouldn't pull at all so I turned it back to the original spot I found it at. Will pull fine til 3rd then you can tell it just won't increase speed and hear the revs up. Final thought... shine it up and sell it as is. Too much work to put into it from my view.
  2. The main gravel rds are off limits to the bikes and quads. So that's why I try to stick with a loop and try to avoid backtracking so I get to see as much as I can. Rangers frown on the riding of gravel roads and penalties can be steep.
  3. I normally go all the way in the park past the shooting range and start on 89 at wolf den trailhead. That way it's more of a loop to get back to the tow vehicle. Last time I was there the trails were not marked clearly or driver error got me tangled into some difficult trails that my poor 2stoke blaster wasn't ready for. Lol. The hill on what I think was dickey bell was lots of loose rocks and it just wasn't possible for me to make it up on that thing without letting it go for a few flips back down by itself. As crazy as it seems I look back and miss the experience it left me with but at that time I was ready to just live right there and not move another inch.😫 finally made it to the top and the trail head wasn't far from there. But I have seen them doing a lot of maintenance in the off season on their Facebook page with new guardrails and more markers on the trees so hopefully it won't be an issue any longer.
  4. Here's a link to all of the national forest trails and a pdf map of the trail system for uhwarrie https://www.fs.usda.gov/activity/nfsnc/recreation/ohv/?recid=48112&actid=93 stelprdb5363801.pdf
  5. Have 35 acres close to home or a national forest 45mins away. (Uwharrie nf)
  6. Lone wolf here! The solitude of being out alone it what is most therapeutic for me
  7. If possible test ride them to get a feel for how they steer and handle. The solid axle will be bumpy vs the other but it's a quad so it's nothing to stew on too long.
  8. Definitely will do after work tomorrow! She ain't bad of a looker, all black with the factory stickers and headlights still intact. Most of the plastic push pins are gone which lead me to believehe had them off about to start working on it. Gave me the story it was his ex wife's and was tired of having to look at it. Hahaha. It was listed for sale on offerup and was going to just buy it but told him I couldn'tcome look at it right them due to having someone coming to look at the bike I had listed for 400 bucks so basically have 700 in it for the moment Here's the pic from his ad. It cleaned up well once I got the mud off and the plastic back on correctly
  9. Well I got out from the worse deal I had before this... traded a dead... like it was trashed, bent rims, missing spokes, slipping clutch, and blown smoke like a train, not running and hadn't in years, 2003 yamaha ttr225 and $300 for this running and riding 2007 ozark quadrunner 250. So even if it last thru the summer I'll consider it a win lol
  10. Yea I think the shaft back to the axle has a u-joint but my luck it will be the gear inside. The shaft didn't have the slightest bit of play so the joint is probably fine. Boots were intact even though this thing was caked with debris when I got it. Been rolled at some point for sure...
  11. Just changed the oil a few hours ago and luckily not a sign of shavings in the oil or filter itself. I have heard the stick idea before but it didn't cross my mind. Definitely check it again tomorrow and get a battery in it as well as disassemble the carb for a good cleaning and the air filter also. Will the air filter need to be oiled like 2strokes? If so motor oil or ATF for a simple fix?
  12. Like to revive this tread if possible. New member here and live in NC. Uhwarrie is really great! Been many times on everything from horseback, jeep, quad and bike. Trails are rocky and it's definitely a workout for any bike. (Cr250r braaaaaaap) fun but a chore to ride. Quads are the way to go for sure, easily able to do most trails with a few very challenging ones if you like. I had a blaster and 300ex several times there and it's always a great place. $5 a day fee to ride all you can plus it being a national forest u can camp anywhere you want freely. It has grown in popularity over the years so weekends are crowded and can be hectic at times. Rain plays a factor as well. With the soil type it turns muddy quick. Dry days are dusty! eye and mouth protection is a must! With that I hope to spark some interest and will be happy to meet up for any adventures!!!
  13. Was actually digging around to do just that! The whole timing thing kinda give me the worries. Being that I've had cars where the timing belt brakes and wrecks the top on the engine, bent valves and terrible things lol Guess I'll stop riding it for the moment and try to get these in line for repairs. With the warmer weather it's a lil tempting when I get off work to just hop on and go.
  14. Thanks for the quick response! I left out the fact it's a 2wd only. And the clutch seems to be slipping in the higher gears now that u mention it. I'm not familiar with the style of clutch these use. Is it like the disc in a shifting trans or more of a centrifugal like a go kart? I actually work at a parts house so a battery will be no problem. I'll try to find a pdf of the manual and check the valves and see if I can adjust those as well as the clutch. I checked with my local repair shop but they are so backed up it be a few months before they could help me out. Thanks again and I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.

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