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Like to revive this tread if possible. New member here and live in NC. 

Uhwarrie is really great! Been many times on everything from horseback, jeep, quad and bike. Trails are rocky and it's definitely a workout for any bike. (Cr250r braaaaaaap) fun but a chore to ride. Quads are the way to go for sure, easily able to do most trails with a few very challenging ones if you like. I had a blaster and 300ex several times there and it's always a great place. 

$5 a day fee to ride all you can plus it being a national forest u can camp anywhere you want freely.

It has grown in popularity over the years so weekends are crowded and can be hectic at times. 

Rain plays a factor as well. With the soil type it turns muddy quick.

Dry days are dusty! eye and mouth protection is a must!

With that I hope to spark some interest and will be happy to meet up for any adventures!!!

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I normally go all the way in the park past the shooting range and start on 89 at wolf den trailhead. That way it's more of a loop to get back to the tow vehicle. Last time I was there the trails were not marked clearly or driver error got me tangled into some difficult trails that my poor 2stoke blaster wasn't ready for. Lol. The hill on what I think was dickey bell was lots of loose rocks and it just wasn't possible for me to make it up on that thing without letting it go for a few flips back down by itself. As crazy as it seems I look back and miss the experience it left me with but at that time I was ready to just live right there and not move another inch.😫 finally made it to the top and the trail head wasn't far from there. 

But I have seen them doing a lot of maintenance in the off season on their Facebook page with new guardrails and more markers on the trees so hopefully it won't be an issue any longer. 

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